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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cancer Research: US VS Europe

The first survey to analyse the way cancer research is funded in Europe has revealed findings that have major implications for cancer patients and European policy. The survey reveals that the USA spends seven times more per person on cancer research than Europe and that Europe spends proportionately less on preventative and clinical research than on basic science research.
Another example of how the wonderful European healthcare system, like Canada's, leaches off costly research and innovations that comes almost naturally and exclusively from evil, American, for-profit, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. It's the domestic analogue to Europe having the luxury to live in the US' protective shadow; military spending is hence unnecessary: more money to spend on a ballooning and ever more costly welfare state.


Blogger Sodon said...

Could this be a bad statistical analysis? Considering there are a lot more people in Europe, and a lot more countries who probably couldn't afford to pay as much as the US does even if that's all they paid for. But that's just conjecture. Still, when you average one country versus a good number...well averages tend to go down in such cases.

Thu Jun 09, 10:29:00 PM EDT  

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