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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gore Has Good News

We're all doomed. The good news is that once Gaia gets rid of us parasites it will be heaven on Earth again.
The world's population explosion, which by 2050 will reach 9.1 billion, has increased the demand for energy, water and food, he said, and has contributed to the problem of global warming.

In 15 years, Gore said, there will be no more glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro. As for Glacier National Park in Montana, he said, "Within 20 years, this is the park that will be formerly known as Glacier." And the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland "is almost completely gone," he said.

He denounced critics who say global warming is not a serious threat.
Funny, thirty years ago the big catastrophe everybody was panicking over was global cooling. And according to predictions, we should've been dead several times over by now...


Anonymous Fallen Blade said...

They're predicting 9.1 billion? Damn. Better continue to allow abortion to flourish! *cough*

I guess it works out now that I think about it. Well, there's only one option now. Time to start building these!


Capacity: 1,000,000~ People

Mon Jun 06, 03:31:00 AM EDT  
Blogger The Realist said...

'thirty years ago the big catastrophe everybody was panicking over was global cooling.'

Were they? Where do you get that from? Frankly, I don't give that much of a shit either way.

Fallen Blade's (ironic?) comment couldn't be more true. Mass contraception and awareness programmes would solve this in a generation. But that would go against the right-wing Christian morons who currently control US foreign policy. Fucking idiots.

Mon Jun 06, 11:42:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) said...

We could always take the India approach to contraception: encourage every family to get a TV (not exactly a problem in the US, but in less developed countries...)

Tue Jun 07, 01:20:00 AM EDT  

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