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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Media Madness

Stephen Spruiell over at NRO's new Media blog stumbles across the following passage in Alan Feuer's new book Over There: From the Bronx to Baghdad, in which a T.R. has a "quarrel" with CNN's Bob Franken:
His quarrel with Franken had begun the very moment Franken had expressed his horror that Fox News anchors wore American flag lapel pins on the air.

"How can you be a patriot and a journalist?" Franken had asked. "They're mutually exclusive occupations." T.R., who considered himself both, had asked why Franken could not love his country, to which had come the answer, "America is not my country. I'm a citizen of the world."

"Like Danny Pearl?" T.R. had asked. "You are American, Bob... it is a nonnegotiable fact."

"My goodness," Franken had said. "I think your employers at the New York Times would be horrified, horrified! to hear you say a thing like that."


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