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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Poll: Liberation of Iraq Sows Seeds of Democracy

Reporters, who are tasked with bringing news coverage to the America people daily, sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture in such a job that focuses on detailed day by day activities. The American people, on the other hand, despite being assaulted by a constant drumbeat of negativism, have an easier time retaining a broader outlook, and as such it is not surprising that they are not succumbing to that same pessimism:
Conducted June 6-10 among 913 adults, the poll found nearly two of every three (60%) think America's foray into Iraq has helped sow the seeds of democracy in the Middle East.
With their shoddy coverage of the war and the election over the last few years, the respect for the mainstream media is at an all time low; that 60% of Americans in a poll still have maintained a clear vision is wonderful. They're not buying it. I'd say that even the most ardent opponents of the war realize that despite all the drawbacks and grievances they may have against Bush, that one nearly indisputable benefit of all this is to start shaking up the status quo of dictatorships being run over there.

Other items in the poll include: 70% support our continued presence in Iraq, 84% support continued training of Iraqi security forces, and 57% agree that liberating Iraq has struck a significant blow against terrorism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To my thinking the seeds of democracy are already young plantlings and the vital protective fence that prevents prdators from devouring the plantlings is continually vandalized and painted with Graffitti by world wide liberalism. As the fence may well evolve into adequate security it becomes necessary to step up the attack against the fencebuilders.

Liberalism, like terrorism is worldwide and borderless. It will be harder to defeat liberalism than to defeat terrorism yet the sucess of terrorist would defeat liberals everywhere.

Am proud of what our country has done even though I wish we had spent the money addressing our own needs. We have sacrificed for a faraway neighbor. It would be of the highest honor to have an Islamic nation sincerely call us friend.

Wed Jun 15, 01:30:00 AM EDT  

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