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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So Much for Equality

Near criminal (or non-criminal, as it stands) emanations from a wrongheaded ruling:
UFKIN, Texas - A 19-year-old accused of causing his teenage girlfriend to miscarry two fetuses by stepping on her stomach was convicted Monday of two counts of murder.

Gerardo Flores received an automatic life sentence because prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, which was available under the state's 2003 fetus protection law.

Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy; she could not be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion...
It's good that Flores received a life sentence for what he did, but it's a travesty that only one of the participants in this crime got punished. She was the one who pushed him to do it, so she has even more culpability.


Blogger Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) said...

That's absolutely absent logic. Were she on trial, she would not be on trial for having an abortion by a licensed provider, but for manually bringing about the death of her baby. They are very different things. It's perfectly legal for a murderer to be given the death penalty by the state/country. But if a civilian kills said murderer, now that civilian is a murderer, and will have to face criminal charges for their actions. The fact is that the woman did NOT have a legal abortion, and thus cannot be protected by her legal right to abort.

Wed Jun 08, 03:52:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) said...

I should add that if they do want to treat this as an unlawful abortion, assuming protection under the woman's right to choose, then what the boyfriend did was not murder, but simply practice medicine without a license. It's logical absurdity to want it both ways.

Wed Jun 08, 04:06:00 PM EDT  

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