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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Taking the Long View

Yet another positive aspect of the Bush Doctrine:
A recent public opinion survey of Iranians, conducted by The Tarrance Group, surprisingly found that a vast majority (74%) of Iranians feel America's presence in the Middle East will increase the probability of democracy in their own country. The survey, which was the first of its kind, found, two-thirds of Iranians believe that regime change in Iraq has been a positive for both neighboring countries: with 66% believing that it served Iran's national interests, while 65% believed the Iraqi people will, in the long-run, be better off.
This jibes with what I saw when I was there. The Iranians I met were overwhelmingly pro-Bush and were hoping that his forays in the Middle East would soon come to them as well.

The mullahs have begun to back off a bit over the last two or three years, allowing the people to have more freedoms. They're trying to shake off their bad reputation and become a bigger player in the international community. Not only that, but there was a general sense of desparation in the air, that most people perceived as the mullahs trying anything they could to hold onto power. If they had to appease, they would appease. If they had to allow some people to do things which they never would've allowed when they first rode into power, then they would, so long as they could maintain their current positions. This began, coincidentally, around the time we invaded Iraq, and I think the Iranian people see the connection there. It did, after all, have an effect on diplomacy with Syria, adding a measure of force and intimidation, thus making Syria voluntarily fork over their WMD program.


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