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Friday, June 03, 2005

Tales of Horror from the American Gulag

According to the human rights organization Amnesty International, Guantanamo Bay is the "gulag of our times", it shrilly declares. Once a respected human rights group, Amnesty International "is on the verge of discrediting itself altogether". But those aren't my words - they're the words of the Washington Post's Anne Applebaum, whose own ridiculous allegations regarding torture were heavily criticized. But when even she sees something wrong, then the transgression is truly a large one. She writes:
I draw the line at Amnesty's use of the word "gulag" to describe these policies, as well as the implication that the United States has somehow become the modern equivalent of Stalin's Soviet Union. Guantanamo Bay was a flawed response to an unprecedented situation: A war in which the enemy were not soldiers, but stateless terrorists. Early abuses there have been investigated and discussed by the FBI, the press and, to a still limited extent, the military. There is evidence that the situation is changing.

The Soviet gulag, by contrast, was a massive forced labor complex consisting of thousands of concentration camps and hundreds of exile villages. More than 18 million prisoners, and some 6 million exiles pass through the system during Stalin's lifetime, although their fate was never publicly acknowledged during his lifetime, and only limited information was ever published by Soviet authorities after his death. Soviet camps and political prisons were in existence from the time of the revolution to the time of Gorbachev, more than eighty years. They were a major part of the Soviet economy, and helped create the atmosphere of generalized terror and fear of state authorities which persists in Russia today.
The comparison, to put it lightly, is grossly inaccurate and irresponsible. To compare it to the Soviet gulags, a place so harsh and oppressive that only the Holocaust ranks worse as a great evil, is to cheapen the term altogether.

I wouldn't believe half of the allegations excitedly reported by the press in their drive for the latest catastrophe. After all, the terrorists are explicitly trained, as revealed in the infamous training manual found on one al-Qaeda agent, to blatantly make up stories of torture and abuse to try and use our country's liberal democratic traditions of free speech and tolerance against us. Those who continue to get all caught up over it are playing right into the terrorists' hands, like these idiots over at Amnesty International.

In fact, now that Amnesty International has come forward with 'THE TRUTH', all sorts of horrible stories are leaking out about the quality of treatment in Guantanamo:
"Americans are very kind people," one English-challenged detainee said in the March 4 paper. "If people say there is mistreatment in Cuba with the detainees, those type speaking are wrong, they treat us like a Muslim not a detainee."

"I'm in good health and have good facilities of eating, drinking, living, and playing," remarked another. "The food is good, the bedrooms are clean and the health care is very good."
Healthcare? Those monsters! This only confirms tales of true torture and humilation from 2004:
Mohammed Ismail Agha, 15, who until last week was held at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, said that he was treated very well and particularly enjoyed learning to speak English." . . .

At first I was unhappy . . . For two or three days [after I arrived in Cuba] I was confused but later the Americans were so nice to me. They gave me good food with fruit and water for ablutions and prayer," he said yesterday in Naw Zad, a remote market town in southern Afghanistan close to his home village and 300 miles south-west of Kabul, the capital.

He said that the American soldiers taught him and his fellow child captives - aged 15 and 13 - to write and speak a little English. They supplied them with books in their native Pashto language. When the three boys left last week for Afghanistan, the soldiers looking after them gave them a send-off dinner and urged them to continue their studies.

To try and make their case, leftists typically point to Abu Ghraib, that unrepentant system of oppression, where a few lone freaks acted independently, the entire affair was exposed by the military itself, and prosecuted the perpetrators involved.

The fact of the matter is that the charge that America is running an oppressive torture camp is ridiculous on it's face. There probably has been several remote cases of abuse, and there will always be, but those are prosecuted and justice is dealt out. That there will be accidents is a fact of life; to oppose this is to oppose the penal system itself. Our own prison systems are often harsher.

Amnesty International's immoral and irresponsible remarks have exposed it as another shrill organization that is out to paint America as "The Great Satan" while ignoring the true abusers of human rights, much like the UN does. Take note, other human rights organizations, if you wish to maintain your credibility. (And Amnesty International keeps digging...)


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