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Friday, July 29, 2005

Millenium Plot Terrorist Gets 22 Years; 13 Short Of The Max

And he could be out by 2020.

The arrogant liberal judge (a Reagan appointee, unfortunately) said he "wrestled" with the proper sentence, balancing the harm intended (mass murder) against... something else. "Cooperation", which the terrorist cut off after at time.

Wrestled with it? Wrestled with what, exactly?

The man planned to murder scores of innocent people. He has absolutely nothing to mitigate his guilt. Why was he not sentenced to the absolute maximum?

What would it take to get a tough sentence out of this judge?

Hugh Hewitt tells us that the Montana Militiamen - nasty pieces of work, no doubt, who conspired against the nation's banking system - got a longer sentence than this guy.

As if that isn't bad enough, this strutting peacock of a softheaded dunce then goes on to lecture us about the military trials and the need to bring terrorists into civilian courts.

Uh huh. You certainly made a point about civilian courts, though not the one you intended.

War Is Bad, And To Prove It, We're Going To Show Our Man-Breasts

Before you click this, be aware that it it's not work safe, as it contains full frontal nudity, and not the kind you'd want to see. Continue if you dare!

I resisted looking at this San Francisco style "protest" all day, but curiosity finally got the best of me and I took a peek. My eyes then proceeded to commit suicide. Somebody referred to this as "visual rape", which I thought was over the top, until I saw the bearded 300 pound transsexual with a chest somewhere between man-breasts and Janice Dickenson and the 60 year old with testicles the approximate shape and size of bean bag furniture.

They set out to shock normal folks... Well played, anti-war lunatics, well played.

Thanks, sort of, to LGF for the link.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Run Cheney, Run!

An unbiased reporter makes a vow:
Veteran wire reporter Helen Thomas is vowing to 'kill herself' if Dick Cheney announces he is running for president.

The newspaper HILL first reported the startling claim on Thursday.


"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself," she told the HILL. "All we need is one more liar."

Thomas added, "I think he'd like to run, but it would be a sad day for the country if he does."

John Roberts Is A Conservative

CNN seems shocked.

"Right To Die" Means Right To Kill?

A court ruling in the UK apparently paves the way for doctors to determine which patients should live and which patients should die.
The General Medical Council has won its appeal against a ruling allowing a terminally ill man to stop doctors withdrawing his feeding tube.Lesley Burke did not want doctors to stop giving him food and water in the final stages of his illness. The ruling has wide implications for terminally ill people who want the right to die.

And it means that decisions over people's right to live or die are back in the hands of doctors, rather than the patients.

[... T]he GMC told the Court of Appeal it believes the ruling could put doctors in "an impossibly difficult position".

The organisation believes it obliges a doctor to provide treatment which the patient demands - even if the doctor believes the treatment will not provide any benefit or would be futile.

The GMC said the patient did not have the right to demand any particular form of treatment.
Is being fed now considered a form of medical treatment?

Revenge of the Waitress

The Bitter Waitress:
Tipper's Name: Michael Moore

Where it happened: New York

Total bill / Tip amount / Percentage: $248.73 / $1.27 / 0%

What happened:
This fat bastard first bitched about not being able to get a table by the window then ordered enough food for himself to feed me for a week. After busting my ass trying to bring him the next plate before he finished the first he only leaves a dollar and some change for a tip... Dude wheres my tip?

Lawyers VS The 2nd Amendment

The noise behind the gun control issue has gone rather silent over the last few years as Democrats have relented on driving over that particular electoral cliff. But the gun grabbers are still at work, assisted by trial lawyers out for easy money similar to the stuffings they knocked out of the tobacco industry. The Senate, seeing this, has prepared this bit of legislation:
Senate Republicans say they have 60 votes to pass the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which would protect gun makers from lawsuits claiming they are responsible for crimes committed with their products. The support includes at least 10 Democrats, which speaks volumes about the political shift against "gun control" in recent years.
Anti gun groups and trial lawyers cause the gun industry to lose billions of dollars in legal costs - suing in an attempt to make gun makers liable for crimes committed by irresponsible people. I'm not sure how the actual gun was responsible for it, unless anyone is going to suddenly discover some new statistic that proves timid people become slaughtering butchers at gun shows but immediately revert to peaceful lambs after the guns have been removed.

The anti gun lobby doesn't even have to win their cases. The gun industry has managed to fend off their attacks, but even settling or managing their current level of legal expense is tremendously demanding. Even when the gun industry wins, it loses. Which is where this bill comes in.

Many industries are currently experiencing trouble they otherwise wouldn't have because of money hungry trial lawyers who'll sue you for tripping over your neighbor's sidewalk. In the medical industry, doctors are handicapped by fear of being sued for medical malpractice at the drop of the hat, and as a result, the patients get the short end of the stick.

The only time a business should be liable is when harm occurs directly from the quality and manufacture of their product, such as a defective set of brakes on a car, or selling cigarettes to 12 year olds. Other than that, any sort of misuse which occurs isn't the company's fault. If some psycho uses a knife to kill a passerby, it it's not the knife company's fault.

If Presidents Had Sidekicks...

(Via Right Wing News.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So Much For Tolerance, Diversity & Freedom Of Speech

The Ohio End has the story of an Ohio State University faculty member being caught on tape stealing and trashing conservative/libertarian student newspapers...

War On Terror Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism

It looks like the Administration is dropping the much criticized phrase "War On Terror" to describe our efforts at fighting terrorism. You can't ever end a tactic, after all; the real fight runs against what is animating our enemies. Now the focus is being place on a "struggle" between us and "violent extremism". It does stress the ideological nature of this war, which needs to be played out in the arena of ideas as much as the battleground, like the Cold War. But labeling it as something akin to a "struggle" when that term is thrown around to describe one's problems in school seems to fail in describing the nature of this worldwide conflict accurately, much like the media's tendency to whitewash terrorist actions by labeling them as "militants" or "activists".

This sounds like a softening of policy, which is the opposite of what we need. It doesn't seem too different, though. But that's only because I was thinking in English. In Arabic, it could be quite different:
"Global Struggle: translates into Arabic as "Jihad al Alamaya". Worldwide struggle.

But wait. Jihad means holy war. How does the word "struggle" translate to "jihad"?

The Arabic word "jihad" translates into English as the word "struggle". Islamic scholars and clerics agree that "jihad" is an obligation upon each and every Muslim. Although over the centuries, it has come to be synonymous with "Holy War", Islamic scholars have put a great deal of effort in recent years to stress that "jihad" actually means a struggle against evil inclinations.

By golly, I think our President just declared a "jihad" against "jihad".

City Journal Summer 2005

City Journal has just published its summer issue and posted the contents online. As usual, the new issue contains a wealth of riches. I found Andrew Klavan's The Sin of Sin City to be particularly interesting, and The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies is going to be provocative. Then there's America's Most Successful Communist, and Laughing at the Left. There's plenty more.

Quote of the Day

Thomas Jefferson:
I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.

Nail Bombs

This is what the bombers in London were using to kill people.

Note how the device has nails all around it--those are there to ensure that the maximum number of people possible are killed or wounded. So that if the concussion or falling debris don't get you, then a nail or glass will.

Yeah, it's all Blair's fault for helping take out a fascist dictator in Iraq. Uh huh.

Bin Laden's Plot: Poisoned Cocaine

From The Jawa Report:
Crazy, amazing story up at the NY Post. (Registration required-numbskulls!) Sources told the DEA that Osama met with Colombian cartel leaders, and discussed buying tens of millions of dollars worth of cocaine from them, poisoning it, and shipping it on to America to kill thousands of cokeheads.
Osama, you idiot! Why are you trying to alienate the hipster crowd that's sort of willing to give you a chance?

Who's Your Parent A?

Politically correct liberals, unite! Being firm believers in the old adage, "A rolling stone gathers no moss," the gay rights activists in the liberal bastion of Massachussetts are at it again. Having used the muscular arm of the courts to conquer the issue of gay marriage, they have now logically moved on to the next edict on what is an assuredly very, very long list.

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that thine traditional birth certificates indicating the foul and heteronormative titles of "Mother" and "Father" shall henceforth no longer stand and will be banished from the land post haste! (With a little help from the courts, of course.)

Ah, what geniuses these activists are. Nevermind the fact that they ride roughshod over democratic ideals of majoritarian rule, but they come up with the most ridiculous answers to their problems. Some of their agenda has a constructive purpose, but frequently, it's politically correct pandering to every fellow who can find something absolutely meaningless and trivial to be offended about.

Parent A and Parent B? This is a joke, right? It has to be a joke. These are the same people who decided to use the rainbow and an upside down pink triangle as the symbols to champion their cause.

Apparently referring to your parents as "mother" and "father" is proof that you're a closeted homophobe who's enforcing the bigoted heterosexual standards of society that dares to differentiate between the two sexes involved in a relationship. Or something.

If crossing out one of the parental titles on the traditional document offends you, and you'd prefer to have a pristine, unaltered birth certificate of your child to stuff away in a shoebox in the attic, how about petitioning the legislature to make a separate one for gay couples indicating both ambiguous parents, instead of using the judiciary to ram it down the collective throat of the public?

"Cool Mom" Pleads Guilty

40 year old Sylvia Ann Johnson was charged with sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for hosting weekly sex and drug parties for teenage boys. She could get 58 years in prison if the book is thrown at her.
An Arvada woman who told police she wanted to be a "cool mom" pleaded guilty Monday to sexually assaulting teenage boys and contributing to the delinquency of minors.


She told police she was never popular in high school but the parties had her "feeling like one of the group," according to court documents.


At an earlier hearing, Arvada Detective Bob Vander Veen said teens had parties at Johnson's home between 15 and 20 times, including a few that drew up to 100 kids.

Johnson had told Vander Veen that she was bipolar and used methamphetamine to "self-medicate," he testified.

One teen told police that Johnson "took advantage of him sexually when he was drunk," according to the arrest affidavit.
Some people reacted to this news with something akin to, "I sure wouldn't mind being sexually exploited by her!", but consider what the reaction would be if the roles were reversed: If it was your little sister who went to sex parties with a "cool dad", would it be harmless fun then?

To summarize, Johnson committed crimes because she wasn't a "cool kid in high school" and, as a result, it seems she'll be spending a nice stretch of time in the cooler. How ironic!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Eeeevil Influence Of Religion

Smash has the story.

On Cosby Republicans

Move over South Park Republicans! There is now a new group in town: potential "Cosby Republicans". Read how the Republican Party can help capture the demographic subgroup of black folks who are socially moderate to conservative, but fiscally liberal to moderate (Old school blacks!). They have the potential to transform moderate Republicanism - they flip the script on the current dominant model of social liberalism and fiscal moderatism - black politics, and the Republican Party itself.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Death Penalty

Looks like there's going to be an execution in Iraq soon.

Saddam's time is running out.

Why Do They Bomb Us?

Superb article by Joshua Livestro:
An endless rotating of justifications means it becomes almost impossible to predict where they will strike next. The third reason has to do with long-term strategic objectives. Previous terror campaigns that served an equally unrealistic, absolutist cause - the Red Brigades in Italy, or the RAF in Germany - died a quiet death because they didn't manage to recruit a second or third generation of bombers.
This is why closing Gitmo or pulling out of Iraq or siding less often with Israel will not reduce our risk from terror attacks; because there is always another reason that al-Qaeda can put forward.

Reliving Those Golden Years

Looks like Jane Fonda is at it again.

Ghost Ship Haunts Columbia River

Supposedly it was an old gamlbing paddler that burned to the keel with 250 souls on board, and yet the Gamblin' Dead continue plying up and down the river, always whinin' and moanin' about that jackass who stayed in with a pair of fours and got a third one on his last card.

Wait, no, it's not that at all. It's supposed to be a stealth ship, either a stealth patrol boat for sneaky interdictions or a "SEALion" SEAL infiltration craft.

Kinda cool.

Male And Female Psychology

Researches at Ohio State University say there is a significant difference in how men and women decide who they trust. Men tend to trust people based on group affiliation, and women tend to trust people based on personal and familial affiliation.

Without guessing why that is, I'd have to say that it has been pointed out to me, it rings true.

Of course, there's going to be some exceptions, but the point is studying the broader group and how we're different, which I find interesting.

The Funeral Crashers

I'm trying to fathom what kind of solace this ghoul can possibly have thought she was bringing to the bereaved:
The family of a Marine who was killed in Iraq is furious with Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll for showing up uninvited at his funeral this week, handing out her business card and then saying "our government" is against the war.
This loon is from my home state of Pennsylvania, unfortunately. Apparently she found the celebration of the Holy Eucharist a great time to hand out her business card and score political points on the Bush administration. Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich was in no position to rebut any of her canned talking points, being unfortunately incapable of dialogue at the time.

The Post-Gazette notes that this may not have been the first time she showed up unwelcome on a quest to use the dead as a tool to score cheapshot political points:
"She goes to so many funerals because she cares so deeply," Rendell said. "I don't go to funerals unless I'm invited. I go to wakes because they're public."
Like so many Marines, Joseph Goodrich was a Pennsylvanian. A Marine Reservist, he didn't have to be in Iraq. But then none of the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, contrary to the overheated rhetoric emanating from Capitol Hill, "have" to be there. They are neither idiots nor automatons nor the helpless victims of a duplictous administration. On the contrary, they display unparalleled leadership.

In a letter written home shortly before a mortar round took his life, he wrote of his feelings for his country, in a seemingly outmoded notion of giving something back:
"...Looking at all the headstones with flags in front of them, I started thinking about who they were, how they lived, how they died and what they did for me," Goodrich wrote in the letter his wife received Friday.

"I swore to myself that I would not let them down. They sacrificed and gave to me something that I could never repay, freedom."
John Hawkins comments "at least she didn't hit anyone at the funeral up for a campaign contribution". Heh...

Imam Threatens Canada: Back Off Muslims

The head of Toronto's Islamic Centre is threatening the Canadian government:
A controversial Toronto imam warned Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan at a closed-door meeting to stop “terrorizing” Canadian Muslims.

“If you try to cross the line I can’t guarantee what is going to happen. Our young people, we can’t control,” Aly Hindy, the head of Scarborough’s Salaheddin Islamic Centre, recalls telling the minister at the May meeting she held in Toronto with dozens of Muslim leaders.
To date, Canada is the only country remaining on Bin Laden's list of targets to have not suffered a terrorist attack.

UPDATE: Apparently the leader of this mosque is believed to be linked to al-Qaeda...
Now he's been named as a key commander of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda that's fighting against the Americans in Iraq.

The allegation was made this week by Jim Judd, director of Canada's spy service.

Preview Of The Roberts Hearing

WuzzaDem spoofs the Roberts hearing. I don't get some of the jokes, but the gist of it has to do with the kind of ridiculous unanswerable questions they'll hurl at him to claim he's being uncooperative.

Conservative Economics

Right Wing News has a whole bunch of quick and easy quotes on them. They're all great.

"Tragedy"? Try "Loathsome"

I just found this repugnant story about a woman who killed herself and her nine month old daughter by jumping from a window. Her husband had apparently just walked in the door in time to see her jump. They later found the suicide note, asking for forgiveness, in her bra.

Suicide may be forgivable. But murder? Doubtful. And this woman is a murderer.

We Have Met The Enemy...

Clear, unbiased reporting from the New York Times on the London Police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes:
When Mr. Menezes began to enter the station, witnesses said, he was surrounded by plainclothes officers who shouted at him to stop.

According to the police accounts, the officers identified themselves and were suspicious partly because he was wearing a bulky jacket in the summer weather, suggesting that he was concealing something.

Mr. Menezes ran. He jumped over the turnstile, ran down an escalator and stumbled into a train, where he fell face down.
Of course, you had to read eight paragraphs into it to get to the meat of the story.

Before that, we're fed lines like:
...Friday morning, Jean Charles de Menezes became another innocent casualty of London's terrorist wars...

...the incident brought fresh horror to Londoners who look at Mr. Menezes and see their sons, their brothers or themselves.

"We are not safe here."

Mr. Pereira described his cousin as friendly, open, fluent in English, hopeful about life in London and busy with work.

"He would never have done anything to anyone."
And how does the story end? Like so:
"I feel it's unfair if a person is nervous and feels unsafe and sees so many police with guns and stuff," she said. "Something can happen just because you're in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Well, no. "Something" can happen if you run away from the police a day after a terrorist bombing, right towards their favorite target.

Nowhere does the reporter Sarah Lyall talk to the actual police officers involved, not even to tell us if they refused to comment. Instead, they're painted as a silent, faceless institution, except to "express regret" for the "tragedy."

Indeed, this is a tragic story, but Lyall chose to tell only one side of it, sandwiching a dry version of what "police accounts" say happened, in between lurid quotes of the victim's friends and family.

The press takes stories like this and reports them like this, and then wonders why people are losing trust in the media as a whole, and are tuning into outlets like Fox News. Say what you will about Fox's faults, but at least FNC acts like an American company during wartime. Meanwhile, the NYT is doing its best to paint Tony Blair's Britain as a fascist police state.

Thanks for the help, fellas!

If It Quacks Like A Duck, It's Gonna Get Shot

The British police are now saying that the shooting of a man on a London subway which occured last week was a "mistake". They have identified the man as Jean Charles de Menezes, 28, a legal immigrant from Brazil. Brazil is demanding an investigation into the shooting, and would like to see criminal charges filed against the police.

It's a tragedy that he died, but I would not fault the police for the precautions they took which resulted in his death.

It was the day after the second bombing. A general mood of tension and fear was palpable in the air. Menezes, wearing a heavy jacket on a hot summer day, emerged from a house under surveillance for terrorist connections, then vaulted over the turnstiles, violating the law. When he was asked to stop by the police, he instead turned around and began frantically running away from them towards a crowded subway car.

There should be regret for the death of Menezes' death, but his death was his own responsibility entirely. He did everything that a bomber would do, and deliberately chose not to do the things which would have allowed the police to determine he was not a security threat before they were forced to shoot and kill him.

Look at it from the police officers' point of view: You have a man who fits the profile of a terrorist, who begins to flee when asked to stop, and in his heavy jacket, which is typically used to conceal suicide vests, is heading right into a subway car packed with innocents. In a split second decision, would it have been better for the police to hesitate and allow those people on the subway car to die from a potential terrorist attack, or err on the side of caution and stop the man?

If you're at a checkpoint which just suffered a terrorist attack, and the security tells you to stop, then it would be wise to stop.

The sympathy I feel most is for the officer who shot him; he did exactly the right thing under those circumstances, but he has to live with the knowledge that he killed an innocent man.

Vandals Torch US Flags At Slain Soldier's Home

Why would anyone do this?
WCPO—Not even 24-hours after Private First Class Tim Hines's wife and family said goodbye at his funeral, American flags that had adorned their Fairfield yard were piled beneath a car and burned.
Private First Class Timothy Hines Jr. was severely wounded by an IED that exploded near his HMMWV in Iraq; he died July 14th at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington D.C.

He gave his life defending the liberty that allows us to protest and make use of all the freedoms we enjoy, and as a reward some sicko shows up at his home to burn US Flags under a car. What were they thinking?

They Should Be Proud

I saw Elian Gonzalez on Fox on Friday as an 11 year old graduating sixth grade. He said, "Long live Fidel!", "Long live communism!" to a cheering Fidel Castro, who presented him with a book and uses him as a symbol of the effectiveness of his putrid system. Now Elian represents everything his mother hated and gave her life trying to free him from.

Here was somebody who managed to claw his way to American shores, and should've been offered refugee status like so many others fleeing tyranny, but was instead sent back into the wasteland he had come to us expecting protection from. I wonder if Janet Reno and Bill Clinton are proud of the way they desecrated his mother's sacrifice so that her child could enjoy a future in freedom, instead sacrificing him on the altar of political correctness.

Steyn On Roberts

Mark Steyn is his inimitable old self about Democratic opposition to John Roberts:
Barely had the president finished announcing the nomination when the Dems rushed Sen. Chuck Schumer on air, hunched and five-o'clock-shadowed and looking like a bus-&-truck one-man Nixon revue. Schumer's line was that, as a judge, Roberts had too thin a paper trail. His message seemed to be: Look, we Dems have the finest oppo-research boys in the business and, if we can't get any dirt on this guy, that must mean it's buried real deep and is real bad; the very fact that we can't get anything on him is in itself suspicious. Etc., etc.
Despite the more extremist Democrats throwing a fit over the Roberts nomination, it's shaping up that the rest will most likely vote to confirm him, including Sen. Hillary Clinton, with her presidential aspirations firmly in mind.

The Young Nationalist

I've added a new website called The Young Nationalist to the left sidebar. You can find it under the links section.

It's an interesting new project, essentially a conservative entertainment site, which is a somewhat unique concept.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cool Video

I found this video amusing: Dem-NO-crats & The Republican Agenda For America.

UN (T)error Alert System

Chrenkoff unveils the new UN (t)error alert system:

Now you too can see the UN's alert system for dealing with the international crisises which they are tasked with handling!
"U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is becoming 'increasingly concerned' about housing evictions and demolitions in Zimbabwe, his office says."
So they're on code yellow.

Watch out, Zimbabwe! Kofi is on your case. If you're not careful, he'll write you a stern letter of admonishment. And then where will you be?
How about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Secretary General "views with alarm the renewed violence" - make that Code Light Blue.

Overall, it hasn't been too bad a year for the UN; certainly nothing like Code Red in Haiti and Code Blue in Rwanda some eleven years ago. And only a week ago, after all, we were remembering the tenth anniversary of Code Khaki in Srebrenica.

But We Never Saw Your Records, Sen. Kerry

Matt at Blogs for Bush writes:
John Kerry says the White House should "release 'in their entirety' all documents and memos from Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' tenure in two Republican administrations."

When John Kerry was running for President on his Vietnam record, did he give us his records "in their entirety?" Nope. When he promised on national television that he'd sign Standard Form 180 and release his records in their entirety did he do it right away? Nope. When he did finally sign Standard Form 180 did he let anyone who wanted to view his records see them? Nope.

Perhaps Kerry should have had someone else speak for him on this one.
I took down the Kerry 180 form counter when he said he'd sign the release form. I should've known better. After all, he simply said he'd sign the form. Silly of me to expect him to actually release them afterwards.

London Bombings Connected To Bin Laden

Apparently the London bombings weren't just a small time operation like everybody assumed it was. It makes sense. These people can't just produce their money and equipment from nowhere. They have to receive the training for the technical know-how required to assemble the bombs, and have an infrastructure in place to provide them with a flow of cash, information, and allow planning to occur between separate terror cells.

Just like 9/11, Osama was in on it, attempting to reproduce his previous terrorist 'achievement':
Terror investigators hunting the London bombing mastermind are to question a suspected Al Qaeda planner held in Pakistan.

British-born Haroon Rashid Aswad was seized at a religious school with a suicide bomb belt, explosives and GBP 13,000 in cash.

Security sources in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, claim he had up to 20 telephone conversations with London bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. One of these is believed to have been just hours before the blasts.

The UK's DAILY MAIL reports on Thursday: Security sources say he trained at an Afghan camp which was visited by Osama Bin Laden and that he is linked to two of Bin Laden's planners and an Al Qaeda suspect held in America.

U.S. investigators have been told that Aswad attended the Khalden camp in Afghanistan, favoured by foreign terror trainees. British shoe bomber Richard Reid is among those who attended the camp and it has been reported that London bomber Khan also went there.

Vigilantes Again

It look less than one day for Washington to disavow Wednesday's statement by the nation's top border official that border watch groups like the Minuteman Project could be usefully incorporated into a kind of auxiliary Border Patrol.

The bureaucrats probably decided to jettison the idea after they realized that the stellar performance of the Minuteman could make their feeble efforts like poor in comparison. After all, halting the flow of illegals across the border is nothing compared to protecting their egos.

An Argument Against Daylight Savings Time

I've never seen something like this before...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Why We Need The Patriot Act

Yesterday, the House passed a renewal of the Patriot Act:
The House voted Thursday to extend the USA Patriot Act, the nation’s main anti-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of a new attack in London.

As similar legislation worked its way through the Senate, House Republicans generally cast the law as a valuable asset in the War on Terror.


After more than nine hours of debate, the House approved the measure 257-171. Forty-three Democrats joined 214 Republicans in voting to renew key provisions of the Patriot Act that were set to expire at the end of the year.
Michael Battle, a federal prosecutor who helped prosecute the 'Lackawanna Six' explains how the Patriot Act aided him to lock them up:
Before the law passed, the investigation was hamstrung by a legal "wall" that prevented law enforcement and intelligence officials from sharing information. We had to set up two investigations, and agents from one side could not talk with the other. As a result, we couldn't connect the dots.

Following 9/11, President Bush and Congress recognized that prosecutors and law enforcement didn't have the counterterrorism tools needed to keep the country safe. Congress passed the Patriot Act, and it has been critical in helping us dismantle terrorist cells, disrupt terrorist plots and capture terrorists before they have been able to strike.

One of the most important things the act did was to break down that wall. In my case, our two teams were able to share information and discover that the suspects had attended an al-Qaeda training camp. They had studied firearms, explosives and tactical training, and learned how to detonate hand grenades, Molotov cocktails and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Then, they came back to America and were living among us. Thanks to this law, the terrorists known as the "Lackawanna Six" are behind bars instead of living in my hometown.
We need more stories like this to get out there so people can understand why we need the Patriot Act.

Best. Gif. Ever.

I know the feeling...

Finally, The Truth About Iraq Body Count Gets A Hearing

Fox News anchor Brit Hume reported on the hard left leanings of the anti-war group Iraq Body Count, whose report on civilian casualties has gotten a lot of coverage by the mainstream press that seems totally uninterested in the groups ideological leanings. Hume reported that the group's reliance on dubious news sources, connections to hard left outfits, and questionable methods, might, I don't know, imply that news organizations should treat its conclusions with a little skepticism. But many in the MSM have reported the group's findings as if they were fact.

Forget about rare ivory billed woodpeckers. The much rarer species is a journalist willing to apply equal skepticism to the US and its critics. Hat's off to Brit Hume.

He Or She Is The Wrong Man Or Woman For The Court

Critical Urgent Community Action Bulletin
from the Progressive Action Network For American Progress

For Immediate Release

The Progressive Action Network For American Progress is extremely concerned by today's news that President Bush has selected ___JOHN ROBERTS___ as his nominee for the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. Unlike outgoing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the widely respected and admired moderate consensus-building sensible mainstream compromisist, ___JOHN ROBERTS___ has a shocking record of extremely extreme fringe legal positions that fill us with grave concerns about ___HIS___ fitness for this critically crucial office.

Make no mistake: no one should be fooled by the administration's public relations efforts or ___JOHN ROBERTS___ 's seemingly "moderate" appearance. ___JOHN ROBERTS___ has a record that suggests that ___HE___ would deny women the right to reproductive choice, stop important life-saving medical stem cell research by extending the Patriot Act to draft their unwanted fetuses, and turn these conscripted fetuses over to dangerous tax-supported 'Creationist' religious indoctrination laboratories. The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, and America needs to know whether ___JOHN ROBERTS___ supports the GOP's secret plan of a Rush Limbaugh Jesus army of unwanted, unquestioning fetus zombies programmed to urinate on the Korans of Guantanamo detainees.

Continue reading satire.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Howard & Blair On London Attacks

I was watching Tony Blair and John Howard earlier today, talking about the London attacks and the war - Howard was particularly good at noting that this is a war, not a series of isolated incidents - and their frequent invocation of anglosphere solidarity is almost a commercial for Jim Bennett's book. I wonder if they've read it? They're certainly living it.

UPDATE: Some idiot correspondent asked Blair if the attacks were his fault because of the Iraq war. And the others took an equally negative line - one asked if the propaganda war against terror is being lost.

No - but if so, it's because of people in the media like these. John Howard's too polite to tell them to read Norm Geras, but he put them in their place with logic, noting that Bin Laden was unhappy about the liberation of East Timor and declared war on that basis long before the invasion of Iraq.

Translation: You're idiots, cowards, and political hacks. Yes! The preening, point-scoring irresponsibility of the press, which is if anything worse in Britain than in America, is one of the most striking things about this war, and it will be decades before it recovers.

If it does.

UPDATE: Here's a transcript of John Howard's devestating response to dumb press questions about Iraq. It's a must read; he hits the right points and expresses them perfectly. The video can be found here.

And this photo essay on al-Qaeda's actions before the Iraq invasion makes Howard's point rather graphically.

(Via Instapundit.)

The Real Suicide Bomb

(Cartoon courtesy of Cox and Forkum.)

"Red Ken" Livingstone

He's not saying he supports suicide bombers, just that they're justified and he'd do it too under the right circumstances. What "naunce"!

The remarks are even more abhorrent than I realized.

His tenure as the British Rudy Giuliani is officially over.
KEN Livingstone, the mayor of London, yesterday stunned even his political opponents by claiming the terrorist attacks on the city a fortnight ago were motivated by British foreign policy in the Middle East.

Shattering the political truce that had emerged since the four bomb attacks, Mr Livingstone said resentment was being fuelled as a result of the treatment of detainees by United States troops at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. He went so far as to suggest the English public would themselves resort to suicide bombings if placed under certain circumstances.
Let's turn this around: Could it be that terrorism is fueled by all the attention the Left and the liberal media focus on Guantanamo? Maybe that's why they have such a tough time condemning the bombers without a little whataboutery.

Ken gets a little going over here:
There is part of Mayor Livingstone that still aspires to world domination, or at least a much greater role in national political life.

But - as his pitiful behaviour yesterday showed - the bigger he tries to be, the smaller he gets.

Stealth Nominee

Despite Roberts sterling reputation and the tremendous accolades he has received, we still don't know much about his actual opinions. Some on the left are actually pleased with the nomination because Roberts isn't the fire-breathing conservative they all expected. And considering the majority the GOP now holds, Bush could've selected a much more conservative Justice. If it turns out that this guy is another Souter, the GOP's going to be hurting.

On the other hand, conservatives who personally know Roberts are saying that there's nothing to worry about.

The Dog & Pony Show

The AP is reporting that a filibuster against Roberts is looking unlikely. Despite the predictable rhetoric from senators like Kerry, Kennedy, and Boxer, many other high ranking Democrats agree with the President's decision.

The President made a politically masterful move by selecting Judge Roberts to be his judicial nominee. He's only been judging for two years, so he doesn't have much of a paper trial that can come back to haunt him when the Democrats go digging for dirt to smear him with. (They'll try anyway, of course.) He's very experienced, having spent most of his career as a lawyer arguing various cases at the Supreme Court. To add to it, Roberts is a personally likeable guy that has many friends on both left and right from Washington vouching for his character and legal expertise.

But the Democrats have been spoiling for this fight for years. Their interest groups have been riled up and have already begun the attacks, despite the Democrats' own attempts to approach the nomination more cautiously. Roberts is a non-ideological conservative who appeals to the mainstream of America, so the Democrats will reveal the lunacy of their fringe if the extremists from MoveOn.org and the rest viciously attack Roberts and they follow.

On the other hand, if the Democrats do decide to hold back and play their hand more cautiously in anticipation of Bush's future nominees which may come up and be easier targets, they'll enrage that same bloodthirsty base which is currently fueling Democratic interest groups and campaigns with boatloads of cash. Whether or not they actually intend to succeed, they'll still put on a show to fool their base, guided by the same political calculations which Kerry is known for; even their anger is manufactured.

Either way, they lose.

Minuteman Project Scores Victory

Decried as vigilantes and racists by critics, it seems that the people volunteering their time in the Minuteman Project have had a larger effect than initially imagined:
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The top U.S. border enforcement official said Wednesday that his agency is exploring ways to involve citizen volunteers in creating "something akin to a Border Patrol auxiliary" - a significant shift after a high-profile civilian campaign this spring along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Robert C. Bonner told The Associated Press that his agency began looking into citizen involvement after noting how eager volunteers were to stop illegal immigration.
This could, of course, just be a ploy to get the Minutemen to let up on the pressure - and then, as attention fades, no action gets taken.

The more eyes and ears we've got on the border, the more secure they'll be. These people are patriots who should be praised for the actions they're taking to fill in the gaps of the government's duty.

Mom, I've Got A Deferred Success On My Exam!

Political correctness runs amok in Great Britain:
The word "fail" should be banned from use in British classrooms and replaced with the phrase "deferred success" to avoid demoralizing pupils, a group of teachers has proposed.

Members of the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) argue that telling pupils they have failed can put them off learning for life.

A spokesman for the group said it wanted to avoid labeling children. "We recognize that children do not necessarily achieve success first time," he said.
I wonder how long it'll take for our domestic educrats to jump all over this one. This just about wraps it up for public education. Rather than seeking to confront the problems which plague our educational system, the bureaucracratic educational establishment has continually sought to redefine success down to the point where, now, failure is merely a "deferred success". It's joins the stack heap of waste in our education system, right alongside the slew of politically correct but unnecessary classes such as "African American studies" where real classes that emphasize mathematical and literary skills should be emphasized.

Only private education in which schools must perform like any other business can possibly ensure that when a student enters school some real education will be imparted to them.

Got Nothing on Roberts? Get His Wife!

Now, the pro-abortion forces are taking aim at John Roberts' wife because of her involvement in Feminists for life. As the Los Angelos Times says:
A spouse's views normally are not considered relevant in weighing someone's job suitability.
But they can make an exception if she's pro-life, I guess.

Would Be Bush Assassin Arrested

You may remember back in May, during President Bush's trip to George (the foreign country, not the state), somebody threw a grenade at him during the speech. They got him.

No Guns On Canada's Borders

SEATTLE - Agents for the Canada Border Services Agency protect the 4,000-mile border with the United States from drugs, guns and fugitives and they do so without firearms.

But some of those agents - armed only with batons and pepper spray - say that they want to be able to protect both themselves and their country with stronger weapons. In recent years, Canadian border agents have been shot at or assaulted dozens of times and have carried out a growing number of drug busts. Last year, agents confiscated more than 1,000 firearms.

The Canadian Senate voted to arm customs agents with guns but the ruling Liberal Party vetoed the idea in part because they don't want to promote a "gun culture" like they say exists in the United States.
The bad guys have guns and certainly aren't afraid to use them. Why would anyone balk at giving law enforcement the same advantage?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roberts: Wrong Pick?

Ann Coulter says so. She has some reasonable concerns, regarding Roberts lack of a paper trail, which makes his personal beliefs somewhat of a mystery if you're looking for a track record. She also points out how the last four Republican appointments to the Courts made in this fashion went horribly awry, resulting in Justices like Souter. But considering how many conservatives who personally know him are vouching for him, and his stellar reputation in Washington from both left and right, I don't think he's going to turn out to be another Souter.

Beam Me Up, Jesus!

James Doohan has died. He was among the Canadian forces who landed at Juno Beach on D-Day.


There's a rather playful reason the President was smirking yesterday. Roberts' son Jack broke out into a dance as Bush announced Roberts' nomination.

Here's the video.

UPDATE: Apparently some on the left are so driven by hatred that they're attacking a four year old kid. Unbelievable.

Newsflash: Democrats Proud Of Manipulating Stupid American Voters

Okay, that's not really a newsflash. The newsflash is that a Democratic hack came perilously close to admitting that:
Geoff Garmin, a leading Democrat pollster, blithely admits that the Democrats manipulated the public's view of this issue because the concept of a filibuster was "beyond the pay grade of the American voter."

How revealing of the Democratic mindset regarding John Q. Public! They nakedly proclaim the view that the majority of Americans as being ignorant and beneath contempt. While advertisers happily pony up tens of thousands of dollars for a single page advert in the Sunday Times Magazine, Democrats seem to think nobody will notice their disregard of the intelligence of their constituents. The worldview is so deeply ingrained that they do not even see it as something remarkable to be discussing in the national forum.
From NIF, who has a bonanza of links and lots of good posts throughout.

Quick Links

Know anyone in the military? Well, did you know that they're all, "Obedient, robot-like killers ... Slaves who will take it any way their superiors decide to give it to them ... Go off on suicide missions, murder civilians by the hundred, even abuse and kill their own"?

What a pleasant fellow.

China shoots for the stars. In the name of science, of course.

One of the fathers of the London terrorists is vowing to support and plan new terrorist attacks. With that taken into account, why shouldn't we capture him now? And by "capture", I mean "kill accidentally".

JustOneMinute notes how the Bush critics have moved the goalposts for the Plame affair without the White House even noticing.

Apparently Miss Universe is not welcome in Toronto because she's been deemed "degrading to men or women through sexual stereotyping," but they apparently have no problem with these folks prancing around naked in the same gathering place. (The pictures, being of naked protesters, isn't exactly something you want to load up when your boss is walking by at work. Just a word of caution.)

Here's some great resources on the Roberts confirmation.

Roberts Roundup

What people around the blogosphere are saying about the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court...

Hugh Hewitt:
"John Roberts: A home run for the president, the SCOTUS, and for the United States.

Judge John Roberts may be the smartest lawyer I have known, and he combines that intellect with a graciousness and good humor that will make it hard for any except the most extreme ideolouges to oppose him. Here's his bio, but it cannot fully convey the great intellectual force which Justice Roberts will bring to the SCOTUS."
By all appearances Roberts is an extremely solid choice - acceptable to Republicans as well as Democrats, and the word in DC is he will have no problem being confirmed.
Kevin notes that Roberts got bipartisan support in his confirmation to the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Michelle Malkin has a great roundup including a quote from Mark Levin:
"In the short period he has been on the court, John Roberts has shown he does not bring a personal agenda to his work," Levin told Mauro. "He follows the Constitution, and he is excellent."
Powerline is absolutely pumped: I'm over the moon.

More coverage at Blogs for Bush.

Attacks Begin Already

Leftwing talking points burst out the gates!

"Roberts raises serious concerns, questions." ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 )

They all get an "F" in originality, but Howard Dean's takes the cake:
"It is disappointing that when President Bush had the chance to bring the country together, he instead turned to a nominee who may have impressive legal credentials, but also has sharp partisan credentials that cannot be ignored.

"Democrats take very seriously the responsibility to protect the individual rights of all Americans and are committed to ensuring that ideological judicial activists are not appointed to the Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee will now have the opportunity to see if Judge Roberts can put his partisanship aside, and live up to a Supreme Court Justice's duty to uphold the rights and freedoms of every American and the promise of equal justice for all."
Wha? Isn't this the same guy who said he hates Christians and everything they stand for? Oh, wait. Republicans. He hates Republicans. That makes it all better.

But Republicans are Christians. And he hates them too. Thanks for the input, Howard! Looks like Dean is either out of touch with his own party or they're planning a filibuster.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You Named Your Dog After A Terrorist? How Chic!

The vile terrorist sympathizer muses:
[My new dog] Gudrun is named after the infamous Gudrun Ensslin who was the female leader of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, an art terrorist group from the 70s. Terrorism was different then. It had a chicness to it, which made it seem less like a dangerous menace and more like fashion.
Margaret Cho seems less like a comedian and more like a lunatic who has wrested control of a microphone away from a street preacher.

"Art terrorism"? And some wonder why Karl Rove asserted that many liberals are not serious on fighting terrorism.

Oh, but terrorism had a "chicness" to it back then. That's a fascinating way of looking at it, isn't it? Here are a few of the "chic crimes" her beloved Baader-Meinhof Gang engaged in:
"They attempt to bomb Nixon's motorcade, but the bomb is discovered before it can be triggered."


"Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Holger Meins, and Jan-Carl Raspe place three pipe bombs near the entrance the the I.G. Farben building, which houses the headquarters of the US Army Corp. The bombs explode within minutes of each other from 6:59 AM to 7:02 AM. The officer's mess is destroyed. A shard of glass flies from the glass window of the mess and lodges deeply into the throat of Lt. Colonel Paul Bloomquist. A decorated Vietnam veteran and father of two, Bloomquist bleeds to death on the floor of the officer's mess."


"Irmgard Möller and Angela Luther drive two cars onto the Campbell Barracks of the US Army Supreme European Command in Heidelberg. It is an easy enough job, the guards wave any cars with American license plates through; a pair of stolen plates ensures that they will not be stopped. Helped by Baader and Meins, Möller's and Luther's cars are equipped with 50 pound bombs. Möller and Luther surely notice that the area they park their cars in is frequented by soldiers and their families.

At around 6:00 PM Captain Clyde Bonner of the US Army and his friend Ronald Woodward are killed instantly when the car that Möller has driven blows up next Bonner's new Ford Capri. Bonner is blown in half, his head and torso staying next to the car, with parts of his legs drooping off a nearby tree like wet leaves. The outside wall of the nearby base clubhouse collapses as well, knocking over a Coca-Cola machine, crushing and killing Charles Peck, another American soldier. Two days later in a communiqué (Full German Text), the "Commando Fifteenth July" (the day that Baader-Meinhof Gang member Petra Schelm was killed), claims responsibility for the bombings; they are "in response to American bombings in Vietnam."
Trying to assassinate the President and murder American soldiers? How chic, Margaret, how chic!

There are some who are so shallow and anti-human that they actually elevate a bit of charisma and style or theatrics above the core human value that human life shall not be viciously stolen away.

It used to be nothing but a comic book plot contrivance, unthinkable in reality, like the Joker from Batman. That some people like that could actually exist seemed beyond the pale. But after September 11th, when the bodies of the dead were buried under the smoldering ashes of the twin towers and some actually had the gall to come to the defense of what its perpetrators called a work of art, we know better.

Here we are in the middle of a war on terrorism, fighting radical Islamist fanatics who would happily detonate a nuke in the middle of Chicago to kill millions of Americans if given the opportunity. Conservatives want to stop these terrorists by any means necessary, preferably by killing them. Meanwhile, we have prominent liberals like Margaret Cho who admires terrorists with American blood on their hands so much that she's naming her dog after one of them.

If any of these people is wondering why nobody trusts them to fight the war on terrorism, then all they need to do is look no further than the attitudes of people like Margaret Cho.

Bush's Latest Idea To Rile Liberals

How dare he! How dare he have the nerve and audacity to back a plan tying the raises of government workers to performance rather than longevity?! Of course, the union bosses are already offering predictable complaints:
The proposal "is meant to erode federal pay and future retirement security for middle-class federal workers over time," said Brian DeWyngaert, chief of staff to John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees. "They have no data whatsoever to indicate that this will improve organizational performance."
A typical union mentality: demanding more money for simply showing up for work and to hell with performance. Welcome to the real world, Mr. DeWyngaert, where you actually have to prove your worth to your employer. It's a novel idea, really.

The employees in unions are good people who work hard, but are sold out by their union bosses whose only concern is protecting the jobs of the laziest and worst among them.

No Bias Here!

The AP inserts a loopily gratuitous shot at Jenna Bush in a story about lacrosse players wearing flip flops to the White House. But of course this requires mentioning that Jenna Bush wore flip flops to her court hearing for drinking underage.

Will the AP also mention Monica's blue dress in the next story mentioning a woman wearing a blue dress to the White House?

Bush's SCOTUS Nominee

It's John G. Roberts Jr. The President made an excellent choice, picking a rock hard conservative with a moderate temperament, who is widely respected throughout the legal community for his prowess and in the Scalia/Rhenquist mold. This is the man who had the guts to say that Roe v Wade was wrongly decided, though in a brief for what was just his "cient" (the Reagan administration). He's liked by some Democrats, too, such as Joseph Lieberman.

Hugh Hewitt, who used to work with Roberts, says he's one of the smartest lawyers he's ever met. He also notes that Sen. Schumer has tipped his strategy - he'll just ask numerous questions which all judicial nominees have historically refused to answer, then call for a filibuster based on those quite proper demurrals.

The rest of the Democrats have been gearing up their war chests for weeks now. Joining Sen. Schumer, Durbin has already announced his opposition to Roberts, along with some others. I had begun to doubt that the President would pick a principled conservative because of the hell it would unleash over the next few weeks, but he came through on his campaign promise. This is a huge victory for conservatives. Get ready for a slugfest over the nomination process. I expect that after it's all over he'll be approved, despite the Democrats' bluster.

Minimum Wage Creates Unemployment

We all want to help the poor, yet raising the minimum wage is a noble but misguided attempt to do it. What it actually does is hurt those what we are trying to help by making it harder for poor people to enter the workforce at entry level jobs.

After all, if you were the boss of a company who has to run his business with a limited amount of cash who is then slapped with a minimum wage increase, what will you do? Minimum wage advocates think that increasing the minimum wage will help the worker or lessen the amount of money that the CEO makes, but this is the exact reverse. Who's pay is the CEO going to cut into first? Certainly not his. So everybody at the bottom goes first, especially since the cost of hiring each additional employee is now more expensive.

Entry level jobs require no skill, so they generally aren't worth much. But this also means that anybody can do it, even a poor person with no prior job experience and who needs a stepping stone to get into the workforce. The problem with minimum wage is that it makes it so these entry level jobs require pay high enough that it isn't worth paying someone to do them anymore, which means that all those people who would've had a chance to work are out of luck.

Here's a study that shows the causation between minimum wage and unemployment:
"For the past decade, some of the least-skilled and lowest-paid workers in America have benefited from controversial programs known as living wage ordinances. Under these laws, companies with city contracts are forced to pay workers enough to live in that city, often $2 to $3 more than traditional minimum wage. But a new study shows the initiative as having mixed results in combating poverty. ... A 6 percent employment decline in cities that require a living wage, according to the study. Critics say it's no surprise that making companies pay higher wages results in their hiring fewer employees. 'They [the laws] don't work. They don't help the people that they are intended to help,' said Anthony Archie of the Pacific Research Institute. 'They're supposed to help low-skilled workers and they actually crowd them out from getting jobs.'"
Got that? If you want to help poor people get jobs, then lowering the minimum wage is the way to do it.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh No, Not Harry Potter!

Forget about teaching our poor impressionable children witchcraft (how about banning "The Wizard of Oz" while we're at it?), the eeeeevil publisher is raping Mother Gaia!

Oh, the humanity!

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm off to the bookstore to buy every single copy they have.

Real Story of Gitmo

Interesting article on the treatment of prisoners there, and the effect of the "Close Gitmo" crowd:
The common belief among the terrorists, fed by reports apparently conveyed to some by their lawyers, is that political pressure will soon result in our having to close Gitmo and let them go. (Note to Messrs. Durbin, Kennedy, the New York Times, et al.: Please shut up. You are making the interrogators' job much harder than it already is.) Because they believe we'll close Gitmo, many of the detainees resist years of interrogation.

"Casualty of War: US Economy"

So reads the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle:
"Osama (bin Laden) doesn't have to win; he will just bleed us to death," said Michael Scheuer, a former counterterrorism official at the CIA who led the pursuit of bin Laden and recently retired after writing two books critical of the Clinton and Bush administrations. "He's well on his way to doing it."
Damn that Osama! He's stuck us with a 5% unemployment rate, over 1 million new jobs this year, an incredible shrinking budget deficit and record home ownership. At this rate, Osama is going to drive us all into the rich house.

This is no different than the 80s when liberals charged Reagan with spending us into the grave by taking on the Soviet Union. But history proved them wrong then and it's proving them wrong now.

Erm, Is This Thing On?

Note to members of the "unbiased" media: When muttering personal comments such as "That's bullshit", it's a good idea to leave the mic off. Otherwise, you might get caught.

Good News From Iraq

The mainstream media is doing an excellent job with instantaneous wall-to-wall coverage of every suicide bombing in Iraq. But there's a lot happening over there you'll never know about unless you read Chrenkoff: Good news from Iraq.

Keep The UN Off The Internet

The UN has set its sights on the internet and wants to take governance over cyber space.

The good news is that like all things involving the UN, they can't settle on a way to do it:
A United Nations working group has published a long-awaited report that effectively challenges US supremacy over internet domain names.

The report says "no single government should have a pre-eminent role in relation to international internet governance" - which runs directly contrary to the Bush administration's position announced last month.

But the UN group couldn't decide what should be done about it. Instead of reaching a consensus, the nations participating in the discussions listed four possible options ranging from modest changes to creating an entirely new 'Global Internet Council' under the auspices of the United Nations.
One British MP, Derek Wyatt, who follows Internet regulations, says we should breathe a little easier:
"We should be eternally grateful that the UN has failed to reach agreement, it's the last thing we want," he told ZDNet UK. "It would be singularly inappropriate for that mid-20th century body, which is badly in need of a total refit, to take on anything as radical as Internet governance."
Investor's Business Daily has an excellent editorial reviewing the UN's attempted power grab and concludes:
Given its record of mismanagement and corruption, the U.N. shouldn't be handed the keys to the Internet. It's too precious a resource. We need look only as far as the oil-for-food scandal - possibly the largest fraud in history - for evidence as to why this is true.

Giving the U.N. control over the Internet would be giving it control over the future - which rightly belongs to entrepreneurs, inventors and dreamers, not faceless bureaucrats who can scarcely conceal their loathing for the free-market success the U.S. represents.
Hands off, Kofi.

Left Wing Death Squads

It's odd how the term "death squad" is usually preceded by the phrase "right wing." Odd because state terrorism is virtually owned by Marxism, which has the stain of 100 million souls hanging under it's belt.

It's also funny how the Left repeats, ad nauseum, the phrase "Democratically elected Hugo Chavez," who is most often cited by anti-war activists in the "documentary" The Revolution Will Not Be Televised which they never get tired of. For some reason anti-war activists are obsessed with Chavez and his heroics as portrayed in the "documentary," which just so happens to perfectly to coincide with the propagandist Marxist slant on those events.

But what kind of democratically elected leader kills his own people for committing the "crime" of peacefully protesting his regime?

History is repeating itself. Nationalist and socialist, the "democratically elected" Hugo Chavez is predictably politicizing his armed forces:
The most lasting impact of Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez's self-proclaimed revolution may not be his incendiary speeches against U.S. "imperialism" nor his daily praise for the Cuban dictatorship, but something that has drawn much less attention - the politicization of Venezuela's armed forces.

On Tuesday, at the swearing-in ceremony of his new defense minister, Orlando Maniglia, Chavez proclaimed that Venezuela's armed forces are "anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist," and thus opposed to U.S. policies in the region. "The Venezuelan armed forces are at the heart of the revolution - alongside the people," he added.


"Chavez has tried to give this process a folkloric connotation, but it isn't folkloric at all."
I doubt that former PDVSA worker Jose Villas, who was murdered by Chavez's Left Wing Death Squads while protesting Chavez's regime would consider these death squads "folkloric."
"The Territorial Guard is being created as a death squad, a terrorist and killing apparatus, covered up by the impunity it would get from its direct dependence from the head of state," said Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, one of the few remaining opposition state governors.
Many anti-war protesters, between shouts of "Bush = Hitler", will effusively praise the latin dictator and his "democratically elected" government. How many of them would be willing to go to Venezuela and protest any aspect of Chavez's homicidal "democratically elected" regime? I'm guessing none.

Gay Witch Hunt Continues

From NRO's The Corner:
The Philly Inquirer, among others, are reporting today that one of Rick Santorum's top aides is gay. The staffer was "outed" by a gay website. It's a reprehensible thing to do--invade a staffer's personal life like that. And of what relevance is it, say, to any reader of the Philly Inquirer? Santorum has issued a statement praising the staffer, clearly furious that one of his people has been targetted in such a rotten way. Is that the "news" too?
For whatever reason, Santorum's aide didn't want his sexual orientation in the public square - and he had every right to it - yet leftist shills trampled over his privacy so they could score a political cheapshot.

What's interesting is that this is being done by other gay political activists. The politically correct Left, which is always obsessing over minority rights and the supposed injustices being dealt to various groups every day, would normally howl from the rooftops at a gay person being made the target of a smear.

But when it's a gay person on the other side of the aisle, they not only have no problem with it, they gleefully join the fray with wild abandon. Apparently your personal life is only personal when you're a liberal.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Paul Begala: "Republicans Want To Kill Us"

Well, I admit, some of us are starting to get there, Paul.

Keep it up!
Republicans, he said, "want to kill us.

"I was driving past the Pentagon when that plane hit" on Sept. 11, 2001. "I had friends on that plane; this is deadly serious to me," Begala said.

"They want to kill me and my children if they can. But if they just kill me and not my children, they want my children to be comforted -- that while they didn't protect me because they cut my taxes, my children won't have to pay any money on the money they inherit," Begala said. "That is bulls*** national defense, and we should say that."
This is from June 15. Is there any doubt that if it had been a Republican who said something like this, the media would have been all over this like a pack of hyenas, endlessly replaying it?

Karl Rove's remarks about liberals not being as serious in fighting terrorism got a lot of coverage. So have Dick Cheney's various red meat remarks. But this? It's only covered by a small conservative based news service.

It seems that while Republicans want to fight terrorists, Paul and his fellow Democrats only want to fight Republicans.

Gitmo Abuse Claims Discredited

Publishing this article must have caused great psychic distress in the editorial room of the New York Times: Report Discredits FBI Claims of Abuse at Guantanamo Bay.
WASHINGTON, July 13 - A high-level military investigation into complaints by F.B.I. agents about the abuse of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, concluded in a report released Wednesday that their treatment was sometimes degrading but did not qualify as inhumane or as torture.
I already noted that no torture occured, but I forgot about Sen. Durbin's much cited FBI memo, which doesn't hold any water, either.

Weak Brits, Tough French

Daniel Pipes points out a curious fact; when it comes to the War on Terror, the relative positions of Britain and France are not what you might expect: Weak Brits, Tough French.
Thanks to the war in Iraq, much of the world sees the British government as resolute and tough and the French one as appeasing and weak. But in another war, the one against terrorism and radical Islam, the reverse is true: France is the most stalwart nation in the West, even more so than America, while Britain is the most hapless.

British-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America. Many governments - Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American - have protested London's refusal to shut down its Islamist terrorist infrastructure or extradite wanted operatives. In frustration, Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak publicly denounced Britain for "protecting killers." One American security group has called for Britain to be listed as a terrorism-sponsoring state.

Counterterrorism specialists disdain the British. Roger Cressey calls London "easily the most important jihadist hub in Western Europe." Steven Simon dismisses the British capital as "the Star Wars bar scene" of Islamic radicals. More brutally, an intelligence official said of last week’s attacks: "The terrorists have come home. It is payback time for ... an irresponsible policy."

Clawing Open the Memory Hole

ABC NEWS BOMBSHELL: Osama partnered with Saddam to acquire nukes, Saddam sheltered some of the world's worst terrorists, and Osama Bin Laden requested asylum in Iraq.

But wait: This was back in 1999, when the Clinton Administration was revealing this information, so it was presumptively true. Listen to the report.

Powerline comments:
Before Democrats had a partisan motive to claim, contrary to all the evidence, that there was no relationship between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and bin Laden's al Qaeda, their close and dangerous relationship was common knowledge. That common knowledge is reflected in this ABC news report, as it was in the Clinton administration's indictment of bin Laden in 1998 for, among other things, collaborating with Saddam on weapons of mass destruction.
Yeah, we heard a lot of stuff before Bush was President, but now it's all supposed to be something he just made up.

Remember when all those journalists kept asking Bush what mistakes he had made in deciding to go to war in Iraq?

Wouldn't it be fun to ask the major news organizations what errors they had made in making the same exact case?

Terrorism Pays

(Cartoon courtesy of Cox and Forkum.)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Quick Hits

Here's something interesting. I have to say that this is the coolest keyboard ever. It has mini-screens in it that can show icons on the keys according to what program you're using.

Here's a cool video of a solder taking a direct hit to the chest and getting back up unharmed.
During a routine patrol in Baghdad June 2, Army Pfc. Stephen Tschiderer, a medic, was shot in the chest by an enemy sniper, hiding in a van just 75 yards away. The incident was filmed by the insurgents.

Tschiderer, with E Troop, 101st "Saber" Cavalry Division, attached to 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, 256th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, was knocked to the ground from the impact, but he popped right back up, took cover and located the enemy's position.

After tracking down the now-wounded sniper with a team from B Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Iraqi Army Brigade, Tschiderer secured the terrorist with a pair of handcuffs and gave medical aid to the terrorist who'd tried to kill him just minutes before.
That body armor must've been phenomenal.

If you care much about the Rove affair, considering that the Democrats' assertions have been poked full of so many holes, then you'll find more information here. It's the kind of story that nobody outside Washington cares about, yet manages to fire up all the political activists. Mainly because it's an inconsequential story, but since it's being thrown around so much, somebody has to make sure none of the lies stick. Apparently Wilson just "forgot" to mention that his wife wasn't even undercover when she was "outed". How exactly can you be outed if you're not undercover? Not only that, but it turns out Rove was given the identity of Wilson's wife, not the other way around, as was originally believed. Case closed.

On another subject, yet another criminal makes opposing the death penalty a very difficult task.
A 21 year old Tampa man is charged with murder after his 3-year old son was pummeled into unconsciousness and then died.

Ronnie Paris Jr. went on trial for his own life this week in a Tampa courtroom. The toddler's mother, Nysheerah Paris, testified that her husband thought the boy might be gay and would force him to box.

Nysheerah Paris told the court that Paris would make the boy fight with him, slapping the child in the head until he cried or wet himself. She said that on one occasion Paris slammed the child against a wall because he was vomiting.
I think being gay was the least of his troubles.

Rhenquist isn't retiring, surprisingly. At his age he'll have to at some point recently, though, which means it's somewhat of a selfish decision for him to make. This is Bush's opening to appoint new justices, so if Rhenquist wants his a conservative like him to replace his spot, now is the time.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday Roundup

I'd like to know if you guys like this posting format I've been using for the last two weeks, or the older way that separated each topic into it's own post, better. This allows a quick overview of the day's events, but doesn't give as much room for each topic as the other would. What do you think?

UNUSUAL ALLY... "Former President Clinton, defending his senator-wife's statements on abortion, said Wednesday that Democrats are held to a double standard," the Associated Press reports from Washington:
He contended that Republicans have defined the abortion debate in a way that boxes in Democrats.

"So for example, if you're a Democrat and you have sort of normal impulses, you're a sellout, like when Hillary said abortion is a tragedy for virtually everybody who undergoes it, we ought to do all we can to reduce abortion," Clinton said.

"All of a sudden," he continued, the media began asking, " 'Is she selling out? Is she abandoning her principles?' But if John McCain, who's pro-life, works with Hillary on global warming, he's a man of principle moving to the middle."

"It's nuts," the former president said.
Clinton is absolutely right! ...

The media cheer whenever a Republican moves to the left but boo whenever a Democrat moves to the right.

THE GREATEST PHILOSOPHER: It's official! Karl Marx, the progenitor of Communism's blood soaked, anti-human history, dons the crown in the BBC's poll. I think that says more about the BBC than it does of Karl Marx.

FIASCO IN WAITING: Al Gore's going to have his own TV show. The target audience?
Our target consumer is authentic, a person who really cares about what's going on in their world. They are 18-34-year-old young adults, both male and female who have graduated from MTV and are looking for more depth, reality and lifestyle appeal in their media.
More depth and reality than MTV!

This is going to be a trainwreck.

And who doesn't consider themselves "authentic"? It's interesting that those who come off as the most unauthentic are those who make it their personal quest to be the most "authentic" person possible, adopting some new "deep" persona, bestowed by some fad or celebrity which jettisons their real personality.

AL GORE: The very model of "authenticity".

Can't wait. Cannot wait!

OSAMA FADES: As democracy grows, Osama Bin Laden's influence and support for terrorism has begun to wane:
Osama bin Laden's standing has dropped significantly in some key Muslim countries, while support for suicide bombings and other acts of violence has "declined dramatically," according to a new survey released today.

In a striking finding, predominantly Muslim populations in a sampling of six North African, Middle East and Asian countries are also as alarmed as Western nations about Islamic extremism, which is now seen as a threat in their own nations too, the poll found.
Captain's Quarters has more at the link. Blackfive has pictures of Iraqis marching in protest against terror.

THE MATTER IS SETTLED: Unless I'm missing something, it seems that Joseph Wilson disproved his own accusation that someone in the Bush administation violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, USA Today reports:
The alleged crime at the heart of a controversy that has consumed official Washington--the "outing" of a CIA officer--may not have been a crime at all under federal law, little-noticed details in a book by the agent's husband suggest.

In The Politics of Truth, [Ironically titled - mAc] former ambassador Joseph Wilson writes that he and his future wife both returned from overseas assignments in June 1997. Neither spouse, a reading of the book indicates, was again stationed overseas. They appear to have remained in Washington, D.C., where they married and became parents of twins.
This meant that Plame would have been stationed in the U.S. for six years before Bob Novak published his column citing her two years ago today. As USA Today notes:
The column's date is important because the law against unmasking the identities of U.S. spies says a "covert agent" must have been on an overseas assignment "within the last five years." The assignment also must be long-term, not a short trip or temporary post, two experts on the law say.
All the Democrats who are braying for Karl Rove's head aren't very serious about him committing a crime. If they were, they'd wait for an indictment, which would place the administation in a very difficult position, to say the least.

Football Fans and Beyond's takedown of ol' Joe is worth reading again, too.

And curiously, Democrats have taken it upon themselves to make a NEW LAW to make Karl Rove guilty. Is there any better evidence he's innocent?

SLIP: If Rick Santorum wants to run for President, he's going to have to learn to avoid making careless remarks.

While his comments on Massachussetts, home to Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry, was a bit of a cheap shot, I don't think those two are exactly the best people to speak up in its defense.

SAVED: Did the abortion waiting period save over 2,000 babies in 2004? According to the Associated Press, abortions in Minnesota dropped by 30% after the passage of the Women's Right to Know Act, which imposes a 24 hour waiting period and informs the woman of the potential risks and injuries which can occur. It appears that after it's implementation, abortions dropped to their lowest level in 30 years. That should be good news for everybody, supporter of abortion or not.

UNHINGED: I was listening to Hannity the other day when he had an interview with Julianne Malveaux, self described "economist, columnist, lecturer, motivator, and civic leader," who decided to bestow upon us her particular brand of lunacy:
"C'mon now, Sean," Malveaux told Hannity. "We are terrorists."

Asked point-blank if the U.S. was a "terrorist nation," Malveaux shot back: "Oh, Absolutely."

In the next breath she added, "The chickens have come home to roost," in an apparent reference to the 9/11 attacks.

Asked if America was "a good country," Malveaux responded tersely, "We're a country." Pressed on why she omitted the adjective "good," she replied: "I can't answer that. I think we have some good and I think we have some evil."

As the interview was winding up, Malveaux went on a tear about the Iraq war and "the weapons of mass distraction."
Moral superiority, coming from a woman who famously said that she hoped Justice Clarence Thomas would die of a heart attack.

POVERTY DOESN'T CAUSE TERRORISM: I believe it was Peter Ustinov, famed communist sympathizer, who originally coined the phrase, "Terrorism is the war of the poor, and, war is terrorism of the rich," but like most communist diatribes, it has little to do with reality. Here's an article by an international relief worker who claims to have interviewed:
...nearly 250 people involved in the most militant camps of the Palestinian cause: volunteers who, like S, had been unable to complete their suicide missions, the families of dead bombers, and the men who trained them.
His observation?
None of the suicide bombers — they ranged in age from 18 to 38 — conformed to the typical profile of the suicidal personality. None of them was uneducated, desperately poor, simple-minded, or depressed. Many were middle-class and held paying jobs. Two were the sons of millionaires.
The London bombers were highly affluent, incidentally.

Defining Torture Down

For America, at least. A report released by military investigators finds that no torture occured in Guantanamo Bay:
"As the bottom line, though, we found no torture. Detention and interrogation operations were safe, secure and humane," Schmidt said.
The headline, of course, made no mention of this fact, instead choosing to highlight "degrading" treatment.

The report also detailed some of the interrogation techniques used on the 20th September 11th hijacker:
A military report presented before the Senate Armed Services Committee stated a Saudi man, described as the "20th hijacker" slated to have participated in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America, was forced by interrogators in late 2002 to wear a bra and had women's thong underwear placed on his head.

U.S. interrogators also told him he was a homosexual, forced him to dance with a male interrogator, told him his mother and sister were whores, forced him to wear a leash and perform dog tricks, menaced him with a dog and regularly subjected him to interrogations up to 20 hours a day for about two months, the report said.
What's this? He had to wear a bra? Oh, the humanity.

The Associated Press quotes Schmidt:
Still, he said, "No torture occurred."
"Still"? The writing is cast in terms of doubting his statement. Is this torture? If this is torture, then what to make of Saddam's acid shower rooms? What are those? Double super secret torture?

The article then goes on to note:
Guantanamo Bay interrogators degraded and abused a key prisoner but did not torture him when they told him he was gay, forced him to dance with another man and made him wear a bra and perform dog tricks, military investigators said on Wednesday.


Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), himself abused by the North Vietnamese as a Vietnam War POW, noted, "Humane treatment might be in the eye of the beholder."
John McCain was abused at the hands of the Vietnamese, just like these terrorists have? Aside from the moral equivalency that sets up between the Vietnamese's handling of their prisoners and our own, does anybody really think that the two are comparable at all?

Cliffs of Insanity notes that after breathlessly reporting horrid allegations of men forced to wear thongs on their heads, the AP buries the real lede - that only three violations of protocol were discovered at Guantanamo Bay.

The New Editor also weighs in:
"It is clear from the report that detainee mistreatment was not simply the product of a few rogue miltiary (sic) police in a night shift," said Carl Levin of Michigan, the top Democrat on the committee. Bush administration officials have sought to portray the excesses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq as just that.
Bear in mind that these people - anti-war Democratic politicians and the anti-war Democratic media Spirit Squad - downplayed Saddam's vicious torture and state-supported rape, so as not to help the Administation in making its case for war.

Having done so, it appears particularly egregious now that they trump bras on the head, as "torture", "abuse", or even "mistreatment".

There's a reason the allegation of being anti-American is so often directed, overtly or subtly, at the liberal opposition. It's due to this longtime running practice of minimizing the savagery of America's enemies while trumpeting the barely worth mentioning "mistreatment" inflicted by America.

Again, the response is: "But we want America to be better!" Who doesn't? But it's hard to square such claimed love of America with a constant adversarial position of her. Generally, the object of your affection is seen and described in a positive light, not a viciously distorted and negative one.