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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Port Deal

The entire country is taking a hit overseas:
America has many friends in the Arab world. You can go to Saudi Arabia, for instance, and talk "American" at a dinner party-banter about the Washington Redskins or California real estate prices or, of course, politics. The region is home to many people who have gone to school in the United States and admire it greatly. They are not the majority by any means, but they are important and influential-and they are being slowly alienated by knee-jerk insults and brainless policies that reflect panic and prejudice. The true security cost of the Dubai deal has already been inflicted.
Hearts and minds, indeed.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Bill Clinton, Professional Moron

Just when you think the Republicans have completely bungled the majority they've been given and begin to long for the "good ol' days" of gridlock, Bill Clinton comes along and reminds us that things could, after all, be worse...

To say that America's press and politicians have not exactly handled themselves well in response to the calculated campaign of false "outrage" that Muslim extremists and opportunists have whipped up over the Danish cartoons would be a gross understatement.

But the cake must surely go to Bill Clinton.

His latest bit of pandering was perpetrated under the auspices of our embassy in Islamabad, where he declared:
I strongly disagreed with both the creation and the publication of cartoons that were considered blasphemous to devout Muslims around the world because they depicted the Prophet . . .

I would not be surprised if the person who drew those cartoons and the newspaper publisher who decided to print them did not even know that it was considered blasphemous to have any kind of personal depiction of the Prophet to Muslims."
Every now and then, when a politician is fielded a question, their eyes light up and with the charisma of a well versed expert they expound on the topic with a host of facts and knowledge on the subject. We call this "knowing what you're talking about." Unfortunately for us, this is not one of those times.

Clinton's statement is idiotic for several reasons, but I'll focus on just one: simple accuracy.

First of all, the prohibition of depictions of the Prophet are far from universal; it is a sectarian position.

Second, the prohibition is based on not the threat of blasphemy, but idolatry. Islam prides itself on the purity of its monotheism. Representations of God's Prophet are forbidden lest they encourage worship of the prophet at the expense of God himself. It is similar to the suspicion some have for the reverence Catholics display towards the Virgin Mary. So Clinton has it - surprise! - completely backwards. Blasphemy against Mohammed is impossible because Mohammed himself is not divine. Can you blaspheme against the Pope?

In short:

To object to the cartoons because they're "blasphemous" is, precisely, to succumb ot the very danger that the prohibition on representations of the Prophet was supposed to guard against - i.e., the danger of idolatry. Way to go, douchebag.

I mean, c'mon, people, if you're going to try and speak for Muslims then you could at least know what you're talking about.

Tax Cuts Screwing the Poor?

Go see for yourself.

Innocent Horseplay Results in Death (Isn't That Always How It Happens?)

Pennsylvania man dangles girlfriend out window - 23 stories up - loses grip - bad things happen. Oh yeah, and he was drunk. And possibly stoned.
HARRISBURG, Pa. - A 25-year-old Pennsylvania man has been charged with criminal homicide in the high-rise death of his girlfriend - after he allegedly dropped her from a 23rd floor window.

Police said Monday that Kevin Evenrode, a state employee, "was distraught and extremely inebriated" when he was arrested.

In addition to homicide, he will be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said Evinrode dangled Rachel M. Kozlusky out the window during horseplay Saturday night and lost his grip on her arms.

Kozlusky, wearing only underwear and a sweater, fell 23 floors, broke a portico skylight and landed on the pavement in front of the building. She was pronounced dead at the scene of massive head and internal injuries.
Apparently there is some debate on whether or not it was an accident.
Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico Jr. said authorities were investigating whether the death was an accident.

"Obviously it's an unusual scenario," Marsico said. "Even if his version is true, to be holding someone out on a 23rd-story window is beyond ridiculous. It's as reckless an act as I can imagine, if not malicious."
It's hard to imagine that he would hang her out the window in an act of horseplay, but then again, maybe testing gravity was just one of their things.

A true gentleman, however, would have swan-dived immediately after her in a demonstration of love and unity.


Friday, February 24, 2006

My New Hero

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Chivas) made an appearance at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, MA Tuesday. After a typically glowing introduction by Congressman Peter Lynch (D-MA), Kennedy took the microphone.

Before he could start stammering and bloviating to the assembled youths, though, one of them -- a constituent of Ted's, one 20-year-old Paul Trost of Foxboro -- decided he thought the assembled masses could use a two-word history lesson.

He stood and shouted "Remember Chappaquiddick!" from the crowd, then walked out of the auditorium amid the gasps of shock and horror of his incredible uncouthness.

Mr. Trost has been informed that he could face expulsion for disrupting the assembly with his two-word shout.

Perhaps he should have resorted to more traditional, tolerated forms of protest against Teddy. Leading a chant to drown him out, for one. Or nailing him with a cream pie. Those have been treated more kindly by college officials in the past.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Conservatives Are Happier People Than Liberals

This has been pretty much an old tenet of conventional wisdom; you can't walk five feet these days without getting assaulted by the media on some latest story led by a liberal screeching his head off about yet another purported outrage. What's interesting is that the reason conservatives seem to be happier than liberals is that they're more pessemistic.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but once you grant it a few moments of thought, it makes sense. Conservatives accept reality, and all of it's problems, as it is. We then work from there to try and solve our problems. We don't bother ourselves with unrealistic expectations.

Liberals, on the other hand, start from their utopian vision of what a society ought to be like and then constantly try to twist reality to fit their views - or, when it isn't, simply ignore the facts - and then get surprised when it blows up in their face. How many times have you seen a liberal utterly shocked that George W. Bush was re-elected, or a certain conservative electoral measure passed? How could it be!? This aversion to the facts on the ground, so to speak, is why there's still communists running around even after failure after failure. This is also why many liberals tend to become conservative as they grow older and shed the idealism of their youth.

How many times does someone have to be disappointed before they examine their views?

What the Port Deal has Taught Me

  • We now know racial profiling is OK. Sure you still can't search some unknown Arab looking guy of military age in an airport--or Kanye West in a Boston suburb--but we can pull out all the stops on racial profiling when it comes to doing on-going business with an established firm.
  • The House and Senate GOP really are independent of the President: For the Dems its just another day of bitching about anything Bush does but between Harriet Miers and the Port deal the Republican party can in no way be cast in a light of drones marching in lock-step. Now if only we could get Howard Dean to stop listening to the voices in his head...
  • The DNC should be grateful for losing 2000: Just 2 short weeks ago algore was defaming the nation he wanted to rule by saying our society lacked the moral fortitude to keep from being duped by a Republican president into wholesale ethnic cleansing. Now it appears before the imams could finish echoing his own words in their mosques algore's own party has chosen the new battlecry, "@#%$ 'em! They're Arabs!"
  • Hooray for Halliburton! We have realized it is better to pay extra money for politically reliable companies run by US companies than risk delicate security issues on Arabs who might have the ethical constitution of a French oil company. Can you imagine the reaction if the deal was canceled only for it to get passed off to Halliburton to get it done? Hilarious.
  • Something is just wrong with these people: Smoldering Puegots, decapitated film-makers and global cartoon riots couldn't motivate the liberals to recognize the clash of civilizations in which we are engaged; it was fear that Cuban stevedores loading Chinese cargo containers under the watchful eye of minimum wage Haitian security guards in US ports while the money goes to some Arab's bank really gives liberals the vapors.
  • No really! Don't let the faux bills to re-instate the draft, constant talk of withdrawal, incessant comparisons to Vietnam, likening of US troops to Nazis and Stalinists, commemorating the anniversary of Abu Ghraib, voting against funding (even after voting for it), pretending not to see the same intel, pretending al-Quaeda doesn't exist, refusing to acknowledge the literally thousands of heroic acts by our military and writing op-eds at DailyKos fool you... the Democrats really do care about US security!
Who knew?

Bin Laden Has No Life

The guy watches Larry King Live. Who watches that anymore?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

South Koreans Prove They're Idiots

Nearly half of South Korean youths who will be old enough to vote in the country's next elections say Seoul should side with North Korea if the United States attacks the communist nation, according to a poll released Wednesday.
Why do we even bother?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Some Major Connection Between Saddam and al-Qaeda

Was there really ever any doubt?
Here's what the [captured Iraqi Intelligence Service] documents tell us:

On February 26th, 1993 the first world trade center was attacked by al-Qaeda and the EIJ (really two organizations that cooperated in 1993 and eventually merged).

A month later an official from EIJ was meeting with Saddam in Baghdad.

We have a document showing Saddam authorizing the IIS to "provide technical support" to the EIJ, and by extension, al-Qaeda.

And then al-Qaeda and the EIJ attacked the U.S. on September 11th, 2001 led by an Egyptian Jihadist, Mohammed Atta.

Now you have proof Saddam provided support to the EIJ and by extension al-Qaeda, both of which attacked us on 9/11.
Dennis Miller jokes that we should assume "all of these assholes have each other on speed-dial."

It's not really a joke. It's just common sense. It takes a powerful level of fantasization on the part of the liberals and the media to imagine that outlaw Muslims, united in hatred against the US, would never cooperate with each other against their common enemy.

Oh, right, Saddam would never be so crazy to provoke the US in such a fashion. Except, of course, when he's hiring assassins to kill a former US President and his family (and Colin Powell, too, just for the for bonus points).

And "secular" Ba'athists and al-Qaeda fanatics could never put aside their differences to work together. Except, of course, in the current fighting in Iraq.

How much of an idiot does one have to be to confidently assert they "know" there was never any likelihood, or even possibility, of these murderous thugs working in concert?

Friday, February 17, 2006


Democrat Sheriff: No Charges Against Cheney

This is hardly a surprise:
SARITA, Texas - The sheriff's department closed its investigation Thursday into Dick Cheney's accidental shooting of a hunting partner and said no charges will be filed.

The Kenedy County Sheriff's Department issued a report that supports Cheney's account of the weekend accident that wounded 78-year-old lawyer Harry Whittington. Whittington, interviewed in the hospital, also assured investigators no one was drinking at the time and everyone was wearing bright orange safety gear.

Sheriff's dispatcher Diana Mata, speaking for the department, said the case is closed and no charges will be filed. She said Sheriff Ramon Salinas III, a Democrat, would have no comment on the report.
Well of course there aren't going to be any charges. It was an accident, one that teaches yet another lesson about the rules of firearms safety. But that's the end of it. There's nothing here to warrant days of wall-to-wall national media coverage.

If you needed further proof that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to exercise sound judgment, this episode provides it. For the better part of a week now, the professionals have told you that a garden variety hunting accident was the most important story facing the Nation. Remember that whenever you read the headlines, will you?

Meanwhile, this from a true Texan:
Whittington said the shooting "was just an accident," and he was concerned all the media attention would give hunting in Texas a bad image . . .

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cheney Story is a Big Puff of Nothing

Why is there so much controversy over this? It was a hunting accident. If he'd shot someone while performing his duties as Vice President, it would be different, but this was on his own time. Anybody who has gone hunting knows that accidents aren't rare, and the man took responsibility for it with no qualifications or weasel-words whatsoever.

There seems to be a huge fuss over how he didn't immediately cease tending to his friend and call the press corps - but really, wouldn't you be more worried if he had done just that? What kind of a person abandons care of a friend he'd just accidentally injured? To wit, he's genuinely sorry and his latest interview with Brit Hume shows a man wracked by guilt, which he'll live with for the rest of his life, so I fail to see the need to exacerbate that any further.

The only reason this story is churning so much water and is still on the front pages despite having occurred several days ago - I mean, am I to believe that this is accident on a hunting trip is the most important event occurring? - is because they hate Cheney so much, and having failed to pin him so many times in the past, can't resist throwing their all into this effort to bring him down. Some liberals have even called for investigations in the style of impeachment and other such nonsense.

Slow Learners

And the left once again is going to overplay their hand:
Boozehound Cheney was drinking all day. He went hunting without a license and shot an old man in the face. Wouldn't talk to Johnny Law until he sobered up. Got the sheriff and the Texas Parks and Wildlife folks to cover for him, hid from the public for four days then finally ran to the warm embrace of Fox News. Even Jack Cafferty says that's kinda like Bonnie interviewing Clyde.
For those counting, that is Jane Hamsher, who in just a few sentences, tosses out a smear, a factless assertion, a misrepresentation of the "stamp" Cheney didn't have, followed by yet another wild assertion. They have Cheney in a possibly compromising position, yet are going to blow it because of their overeagerness and their hate. Again.

Will these people ever learn? I want to know what happened, and I have no problem with speculation, but you can't just go make junk up, as has been done here.

One has to wonder exactly how much farther the leftist agenda would be if they actually had a grasp on their wits and could exploit all the opportunities they've been handed.

Man Laughs At Cheney Shooting, and then is "Accidentally" Shot Six Hours Later

Need I even say it? Do not joke about Dick Cheney. You are trifling with forces you cannot possibly comprehend:
A Colorado man who laughed Monday when he first read Vice President Dick Cheney had shot a hunting companion was himself injured just hours later when he was accidentally blasted by his girlfriend in his own hunting mishap.
I have it good authority that his "17-year-old girlfriend" is a balding, 270 pound former Ford Administration chief-of-staff calling herself "Chick Deney."

Meanwhile... Over at Polipundit, a liberal screeches:
So let me get this straight, it’s funny that one old man mixed his booze and meds and then shot another old man in the face while he was trying to gun down a flightless bird.
Now, having lectured us all on the seriousness of shooting a man, he continues:
... This whole thing is definitely a great example of two birds with one stone. Too bad he fired before he completely spun around he could have knocked off a few more in that sick elitist cabal.
I... see. It's wrong to joke about it, but it's jim-dandy to seriously wish for actual human deaths.

Hajji Bush

Another interesting snapshot from Iraqi Kurdistan:
Iraqi Kurdistan is more pro-American than America. People there refer to George W. Bush as "Hajji Bush" (meaning he made the Muslim pilgrimage, the hajj, to Mecca), an incredibly high honor for a Christian...
Michael was also interviewed by National Review Online:
NRO: Is there still a lot of good feeling toward the United States?

Totten: It's astonishing. It's probably the most pro-American place in the world. Certainly the most pro-American place I've ever been.
It's almost like we're being greeted as liberators, or something.

NYT: Still No Mohammad Cartoons, but Abu Ghraib is A-OK!

Another double standard: last week, the New York Times haughtily washed its hands of the controversial Mohammad cartoons, saying it had no intention of printing them because it was the paper's policy to avoid "gratuitous assaults on religious symbols." (Though that didn't prevent the paper from running a photo of "The Virgin Mary" painting clotted with elephant dung). Besides, the editorial sniffed, "the cartoons are so easy to describe in words."

But while the Times may have passed on defending free expression in order to avoid protests from Muslims, it's apparently not concerned about stoking Muslim opinion against the United States and the war in Iraq, judging by its decision today to run a three-year-old photo of a prisoner at Abu Ghraib.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lunacy of the Day

A statue to commemorate draft dodgers!

According to a Reuters story, yesterday, "The proposal calls for a sculpture of two Americans, a male and a female, crossing an imaginary border where a Canadian figure is waiting to welcome them."

Oh, and what draft would the female have been dodging?

Why don't we ship up all our liberals while we're at it? Just round 'em up and dump off in the place. They should be eager to escape Bush Hitler's Fourth Reich, after all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dems New '08 Message: "You're Fat!"

It's about damn time someone came up with this:
In one packet titled "Newt Gingrich: 08 Watch February 2006" a picture of the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) appears with --- him holding two full plates of food!

The quote underneath the Gingrich photo reads "In His Own Words: Gingrich's Solution To Childhood Obesity: 'Turn off the TV, cut the fatty diet and get exercise.' [AP, 2/8/06]" . . .

One Republican strategist who had seen the opposition research packets said: 'We should expect nothing less than name-calling and referring to one's political opponents as 'fat' from Howard Dean's Democrat Party.'
Best of luck!

We're Getting Better

All one can ask for in life is continuous improvement.

We're doing it! From torture to torture-like in just three years.

Quick Hits

The UN released a report on prison "abuses" at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba... and the Pentagon told them to stuff it. Good for them. About time somebody put Kofi's boys in their place.

Here's a quick lesson in media bias. Al Gore's event last weekend where he spoke out against the administration in Saudi Arabia was paid for by the Bin Laden family. The Bin Ladens have disowned Osama, but can you imagine if a Republican had done this?

More media bias: when the Clinton administration had the FBI files to Republican members of Congress, there was not a peep; but spying on terrorists is wrong?

Toilet water is cleaner than ice from fast food restaurants? Uh...

Bad news for Jimmy Carter. You know how he's been running around criticizing the Bush administration over the warrantless wiretaps? It would appear his administration did the same thing. Oops.

Saddam Hussein's back in court... practicing his anti-war talking points faxed to him by the left in this country. "Down with Bush," shouted the Butcher of Baghdad. What a joke.

President Bush wants to make his tax cuts permanent, but the left absolutely hates this. Larry Elder explains the effort to portray the tax cuts as somehow bad.

Shoot the Rich!

Lately I've been collecting examples of wealth envy from various sources; mainly newspapers. The topic interests me for a number of reasons:
  • Wealth envy is usually an excuse-making or defensive mechanism for those who have failed to become what they would consider to be "rich." These people can't understand why this is so. After all, they're good people aren't they? And they work just as hard as anyone else does! Yet they're not wealthy! It can't be them! It must be the other guy! So, they take comfort in believing that wealthy people must have acquired their wealth through dishonest means. By cheating people, exploiting people, and by using crooked lawyers. The real problem with this, other than the fact that it simply isn't true, is that the person who develops this wealth-hatred is really programming himself or herself to remain in their present economic situation. If you have convinced yourself that to become wealthy is a bad thing, then why in the world would your subconscious mind ever allow you to make the decisions or take the actions that would lead to wealth?
  • Wealth envy is an emotion that is eagerly exploited by politicians for power. We can thank wealth envy for our present tax code. The 16th Amendment would never have been ratified if it had not been presented to the people of this country as a way to punish the rich. Like it or not, our economy is powered by people who take chances. If they couple their risk-taking with good choices they will likely become wealthy. In the process they create hundreds of thousands of jobs and produce tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for government. You doubt this? The next time you need a job, ask a poor person; and why don't you tell us of all of the wonderful government programs like roads, libraries, health clinics and public safety departments that have been funded with taxes on the poor.
And then I found this posted on some Internet site yesterday relating to the vice-president's shooting accident:
"This may be an opportunity to open a new Global Free market: Shoot the Rich. They are vermin regardless which country they live in. Of course we should take advantage of the "trickle down economy" by issuing hunting licenses and stamps as we do for ducks. There are enough of them to have a year round open season - no bag limit bur must measure at least $1 million. . . . For those of you who object that this suggestion may be illegal, just remember that the Rich do not follow rules or laws, so why should we?"
There we have a posting by someone who just can't understand why they are not wealthy. After all, they've followed the rules, right? So why aren't they rich? The only excuse this person can come up with is that rich people "do not follow rules or laws."

Wealth envy is irrational and damaging, both to the individual and to our society.

$8.25 per Gallon

I filled up the gas tank during lunch. It came to fifty dollars even. I figured it out: I paid $2.249 for each gallon of gas. I then went inside and bought four Montain Dews at $8.244 gallon.

I need a cheaper caffeine habit.

Cheney Shoots a Guy; Dow Soars 113 Points

Because the markets like that kind of laissez-faire capitalism / felony assault.

If he'd chilled the dude we'd be at 13,000.

Government at Work: Katrina Funds Spent on Swedish Massage, Colt .45, Tiger Beer, Strippers, Tatoos, and Condoms

A fella could have a pretty nice weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

The billions that were spent in the aftermath of that natural disaster have started to be audited. And it's not pretty. Here are just some examples of where the federal largess has gone:

1) Katrina "evacuees" were given $2,000 debit cards by FEMA. These were to be used to buy necessities. A report this week detailed how Atlanta evacuees were spending that money on items like Louis Vuitton handbags. Perhaps theirs was damaged in the flood! Now Houston police are reporting they have discovered the $2,000 debit cards were used at strip clubs and to buy beer. How nice. Same thing in Memphis, except folks there say the Katrina parasites were buying designer jeans, high heels and purses.

2) According to government auditors, tens of millions of dollars was misspent on everything from scams to porno films to diamond rings. The Inspector General says it will take months or years to clean up the mess.

This is what you get when the federal government tries to run a charity. And yet, despite all of this, there will be calls to spend more money... not less... on the next natural disaster. Sure makes you want to go to work today when you know so much of your paycheck is going for a good cause, doesn't it?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Too Funny: Dick Cheney Has Been Accused of Man Hunting

Watch out, folks, he's on the prowl:
In order to truly understand how despicable and repulsive Cheney and his schemes actually are, we must revisit the past before we continue. A CFR member; Cheney was Chief of Staff to Gerald Ford, Secretary of Defense to George Herbert Bush, and Wyoming's only Congressman. There is a hunting lodge near Greybull, Wyoming where Dickie Dearest was obsessed with "A Most Dangerous Game" (human hunting) and addicted to the thrill of the sport of traumatizing his victims while satisfying his sick perversions. Although this "game" was devised to condition military personnel in survival and combat maneuvers, it was used on Cathy O'Brien and other slaves as a means to further conditioning of the mind to the realization there was no place to hide, as well as traumatization for ensuing programming. According to Cathy, this game had numerous variations on the primary theme of being stripped of clothing, turned loose in wilderness areas which were enclosed in secure military fencing, and hunted by men and dogs until caught, raped, and tortured. This is our Vice President! (Editors note - we'd like to make it clear that these allegations are just that, allegations, and are not proven by anything more than testimony).
Not proven, no. But come on - we all know it's true.

The Most Dangerous Game

Dick Cheney "accidentally" shot someone while hunting. The spin is just a mistake. The truth is that Dick Cheney was just hunting the ultimate prey - man.

And that was a guy that Dick Cheney liked.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Let's start with the one thing we know for sure about the Bush administration's program to listen to al Qaeda's phone calls into and out of the United States: It's dead.

After all the publicity of the past two weeks, does anyone think that the boys working on plans for Boston Harbor, the Golden Gate Bridge or Chicago's Loop are still chatting by phone? If the purpose of the public exposure was to pull the plug on the pre-emptive surveillance program, mission accomplished. Be safe, Times Square.

Eavesdropping on Bush

The President of the United States in remarks he thought were off the record:
Reporters then were ushered out - "I support the free press, let's just get them out of the room," Bush said - so the president could speak privately to his fellow Republicans.

"I want to share some thoughts with you before I answer your questions," said Bush, unaware that microphones were still on and were allowing those back in the White House press room to eavesdrop on his eavesdropping defense. "First of all, I expect this conversation we're about to have to stay in the room. I know that's impossible in Washington."

"I wake up every morning thinking about a future attack, and therefore, a lot of my thinking, and a lot of the decisions I make are based upon the attack that hurt us," Bush told the House Republican Caucus . . .
So the President's private comments are consistent with his public ones, which lends credibility to the latter.

I'm guessing that by summer, the Democrats will realize there's no political mileage in bashing a president for having the country's security interests at heart, and they'll decide they no longer want to be clubbed over the head with this issue. But if not - if they insist on making civil liberties for terrorists the centerpiece of their 2006 campaign - I'm sure the House Republican Conference will be glad to welcome its new members.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Best Unintentionally Hilarious Quote

A protester in Afghanistan:
"They want to test our feelings," protester Mawli Abdul Qahar Abu Israra told the BBC.

"They want to know whether Muslims are extremists or not. Death to them and to their newspapers," he said.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Quick Study in Media Hypocrisy

Would you think that any major American media outlet would be more willing to offend the world's Catholics than those practitioners of the wonderful, peaceful religion of Islam? Naw ... not in this country, right? Well, you're wrong. Let's take CNN as an example. For the first part of this lesson in hypocrisy I'll direct you to a story that appeared on CNN.com on September 28, 1999. The headline reads "Exhibit controversy makes coffee-table book a hot item." This is a story about an eight-pound coffee table book that was flying off the shelves of New York City bookstores. Why? Because of a controversy over one picture in the book ... a picture of a work of "art" in the book titled "The Holy Virgin Mary." The piece was done with elephant dung. Catholics were less than amused. So, what did CNN do? It published the story complete with a picture of the offending piece. Here's your link to check it out. Now ... we move to February 6, 2006 and another CNN.com story titled "Danes feel threatened in cartoon row." This story, of course, is about all of those peaceful Muslims rioting and threatening death and mayhem because someone drew a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. Here's your link for the story about these peaceful Muslims. Now ... scroll down to the bottom of the story. You'll see the notation "CNN has chosen not to show the cartoons out of respect for Islam." Well, isn't that special. Go ahead and show a painting of the Virgin Mary created out of elephant poo, but withhold the pictures of these cartoons that are causing carnage around the world. We don't want to insult Muslims, do we? Catholics? Well, apparently they're on their own.

What is it with Democrats and Funerals?

What is it that makes Democrats incapable of controlling their hostility, even during funerals? Especially during funerals. Rush Limbaugh played a clip of today's "Wellstone Funeral moment" from Rev. Joseph Lowry in which he raised the issue of weapons of mass destruction in the Coretta Scott King funeral, then talked about how not enough money is going to the poor. I know I have seen figures that indicate that Bush has spent more on some programs for the poor than Clinton did, but it wouldn't matter if he had spent ten times more. Facts don't matter. This is pure theater, folks. They can't help themselves. They've reduced themselves to using the coffin of a dead woman as their political podium.

Can you imagine how the media would have reported a Republican using the Reagan funeral to make the point that Democrats were wrong about communism and that they are just as wrong on terrorism? Fortunately we have a President with more class in his little finger than the entire Democrat party. Following the Lowry comments, Bush gave him a hug.

Oh, and on the conventional wisdom on WMD, there may be some surprises yet in store.

Who Else but Bush?

I'm getting tired of people always ragging on Bush. Who else is fighting to downsize Social Security and Medicare? Who else is fighting for tax cuts? Who else has liberated over 55 million people across the Middle East from tyranny? Imagine if he wasn't there. Is there anyone you could see fighting the war on terror, advancing a pro-life agenda, filling the Courts with judges who understand their role, and trying to take care of an issue in SS and Medicare that won't be an immediate problem for years to come? Politicians typically like to punt that responsibility to the next guy. Who in Washington is doing this? He's our man in the White House.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Reagan's 95th Birthday

Today is the 95th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, the only truly great President over the last several decades. Reagan cut taxes, which helped unleash a 93-month period of economic growth. After a decade of Watergate, defeat in Vietnam, stagflation, Soviet expansion, and the Iranian hostage-grab, Reagan reinvigorated the American spirit. And Reagan's policies of rolling-back, rather than coexisting with, Soviet imperialism, affected the fall of Communism in Moscow, Prague, East Berlin, Warsaw, and countless points beyond. It is for these reasons that Ronald Reagan is worth celebrating today, and not as part of a generic "President's Day," which groups the likes of Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton with the likes of Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge. A man does not deserve our honor simply by becoming president. But a number of presidents, Ronald Reagan in particular among recent men to hold the office, deserve our appreciation and remembrance.

Playing the Nazi Card

Julian Bond is a fool.

The one sure sign that a liberal has run out of ideas is when they accuse you of being a Nazi. It's a natural fall-back position - an admission of defeat. So it should come as no surprise that Julian Bond, Chairman of the NAACP, has accused the Republican Party of being Nazis. Said Bond: "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side." Hilarious.

But Bond didn't stop there. The idiocy continued to emanate from his podium this week in a speech at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. He called Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice tokens. There's nothing like an accomplished and successful black who isn't a liberal to frighten the likes of Julian Bond.

Among some of his other declarations:
  • George W. Bush is a liar. Of course, like all good leftists, he provides no proof. This is because there isn't any.
  • He said George W. Bush's lies (which he can't delineate) are more serious than Bill Clinton's because Clinton's lies didn't kill people. That's an interesting position. Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury - something we're supposed to ignore - but Karl Rove should be marched out of the White House for supposedly doing just that.
  • He called former Attorney General John Ashcroft "J. Edgar Ashcroft." Isn't that special. At least Ashcroft never wore a dress. Well, at least as far as we know.
Let me tell you what's really upsetting Bond. He foresees the end of the black culture of victimization. Home ownership among black Americans is at an all-time high, as are incomes. Blacks are graduating from colleges in record numbers and moving into highly paid jobs in finance, law, medicine, business and industry. More and more black Americans are abandoning their victimhood for the sweet life of accomplishment brought about by full participation in our free market economy. The less blacks see themselves as victims, the less they need organizations like the NAACP, and the less they need old, lame war horses like Julian Bond. In short, Julian is upset about his loss of influence and relevancy, and is resorting to old bromides to gain the spotlight again. Sad, really.

So the leader of the NAACP has compared the GOP to Nazis. Watch how the mainstream media generally ignores this. Imagine if a Republican had said it about the Democrats. Welcome to media bias 101.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Quick Rundown of Bush's SotU Address

Having been busy last night, I only had time to tune in just in time for the President to deliver his address and not transcribe any immediate thoughts afterward. Now that I've had some time to arrange my thoughts, here's a quick rundown of the speech for those who didn't tune in:
  • He started off with another call to persevere in Iraq, and that turning our backs on the Iraqis would only invite chaos and danger in Iraq and weaken American security, as well. This is nothing we haven't heard before, but nevertheless, it needs to be said, and said over and over again. Then he advised against isolationism, appealing to America's history of fighting for liberty and freedom to tie the cause to Iraq. He made the critical point that democracy has been spreading for decades and that Iraq and Afghanistan are yet another domino to fall in that regard, giving the mission a sense of inevitability. He also made sure to highlight that debate on the issues regarding the war is legitimate but that wartime is no place for reckless defeatism and pessimism, a dig at the Democrats entire stance on the war I ever saw one.
  • He made sure to drive home that the economy has been and is doing well. After preaching against isolationism he also tied in warnings against protectionism, a form of economic isolationism, which would similarly weaken our economic well being in the world. He wants to make the tax cuts permanent.
  • Touching briefly on illegal immigration, he said that he will strengthen the borders (!), before going on to also note that he supported a "humane" policy that would make it easier for immigrants to enter the country legally, stressing that it wasn't amnesty. He has yet to look at this issue through the lens of national security; what if terrorists one day found a way through the border, which isn't that protected in the first place, and used it as an avenue of attack on American soil?
  • When he noted that Congress failed to pass his Social Security reform, the Democrats went wild. They were absolutely elated over the fact that they'd accomplished exactly nothing! If I was Karl Rove I would get the recording of this scene and play it in political ads from now to 2050 when the crisis reaches full swing.
  • Did anyone else notice Alito's complete look of wonderment and amazement throughout the whole proceedings? His face simply shone with, "Wow, I can't believe I'm a Supreme Court Justice, and being recognized by the President on live television, to boot." Apparently he even got mobbed by Alito groupies of teenage girls. That has to be a new one.
  • Most interestingly, he spoke directly to the people of Iran. I'll have to wait a few days and see exactly what kind of reception that got there.
  • Ugh, let's not forget the government programs. As he began ticking off the list of new funding for this and that program I started wondering when it would end. Oh well, he didn't name too much, so it could have been worse. These energy policies seeking alternative energy sources is a no-go, though. This tack was already taken by the Carter administration and we all saw where that got us. America is never going to be free of oil. That is the reality, and instead we should be seeking as much of it as we can from friendlier sources, as well as recognize that if and when oil begins to lose out on use, it will be because the free market causes it, not artificially change wrought by government intervention.

Overall, it wasn't his best speech, but it was a good one. He hit all the right notes, and often struck a bipartisan tone even as the Democrats jeered at him. I've never seen that kind of "hand across the aisle" approach as having gotten the President anything other than his hand bitten, but that just shows the character he has. Some problems won't truly be solved, like Social Security, until the Democrats learn to put aside partisanship in favor of the country's greater interests.