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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy: UN to the rescue!

Abominable behavior by UN forces in Africa.
MONROVIA (Reuters) - UN peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as 8 in return for money, food or favors, threatening efforts to rebuild a nation wrecked by war, a report said on Monday. . . .

Allegations of sexual misconduct have dogged UN operations in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the world body has accused members of its biggest peacekeeping force of rape, pedophilia and giving children food or money in return for sex.
I can't help but point to this as yet another example of why people need to stop placing their faith in the United Nations. It is not a world government. It is not a place where free people come together in harmony and understanding to resolve their differences democratically. It's a den of evil; a club for corrupt tyrants and thieves, rapists and murderers, where fascists, communists, and theocrats are given equal standing with leaders freely elected in free nations.

Minority Majority

Thirty-three percent of America are minorities. What happens when minorities constitute fifty-one percent of the population? Do they still get called minorities? Do I get affirmative action? Will multicultural college courses then study the folkways of suburban white guys?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What the GOP should do

Boiled down to Hugh Hewitt's five sentences:
Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.
Secure the border.
If they focus on this instead of continuing to spend like drunken sailors, they can't go wrong.

Dick Morris' Fatal Advice to the GOP

It will be if anybody is foolish enough to take his latest advice column seriously.
Taken together, the only way for a Republican to survive 2006 is to shed himself of his party ideology and run like a Democrat, using the entire playing field - left, center and right - to address voter concerns.
Where to start? The entire reason the President is in the low thresholds of public opinion he's currently caught in is because he's forgot his conservative roots and is acting like a Democrat. Democrats will never be satisfied with the offers of the olive branch - Bush brought in none other than Ted Kennedy himself to write the No Child Left Behind Act, and after throwing billions more of our dollars down that rat hole, Kennedy criticizes it for not spending enough.

A Republican can never outspend a Democrat because the Democrat will always ask for more. When a conservative politician caves to the pressures of Big Government, he is acting against his beliefs as well as against his constituencies, whereas a liberal gleefully embraces such an increase because it runs in line with both of the aforementioned categories. Conservatives look at this and wonder why they should stick their necks out for somebody who is essentially playing for the other team.

Republicans win elections when they embrace their conservative principles and run and campaign on them rather than run away from them. Voters may not agree with a politician but they will respect somebody who stands by their principles and has a set of core beliefs from which they cannot be bribed or pressured away by interest groups, as President Bush has so amply demonstrated.

The opposite approach which Dick Morris advocates has already been charted by John Kerry, and we've all seen where that got him.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Demagoguery hits $3 a gallon

The truth:
Politicians are even more hypocritical. The government collects far more in taxes on every gallon of gasoline than the oil companies collect in profits. If oil company profits are "obscene," as some politicians claim, are the government's taxes PG-13?

The very politicians who have piled tax after tax on gasoline over the years, and voted to prohibit oil drilling offshore or in Alaska, and who have made it impossible to build a single oil refinery in decades, are all over the television screens denouncing the oil companies. In other words, those who supply oil are being denounced and demonized by those who have been blocking the supply of oil.

Handgun Abortionist

This girl shot herself in the stomach in February. She lived. Her baby girl wasn't so lucky. She was due to give birth that day. Instead of bringing life into the world, she took a life out of it.
SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) - A judge on Monday dismissed a charge of inducing an abortion against a woman who shot herself in the abdomen the morning her baby was to have been born.

In February Tammy Skinner, 22, told police that a man had picked her up, shot her and pushed her out of the car. Then she blamed the child's father for shooting her.

Finally the mother of two children - both girls, as was the infant who died - admitted that the wound was self-inflicted.

The judge tossed the abortion charge based on defense arguments that cases filed under similar laws in Florida and Georgia had been dismissed.

The judge found Skinner guilty of filing a false police report and suspended a 30-day jail sentence.
If the do-it-yourself-abortionist had killed her baby later that day it might have been a capital crime. Because she shot her daughter mere hours before she was to give birth, she's scott free.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Missile Defense System Approaches Reality

Six of seven missile tests have been successful. Reagan continues to be vindicated in so many ways long after leaving office.

I've never understood the claims of anti-ballistic missile defense system ravers; they came close to suggesting that such a system would be impossible, even in principle, as if we were talking about engineering a machine that could create matter or defy the laws of physics.

Especially considering that with each passing moment, with the assistance of key technologies - supercomputers that can calculate intercept courses very quickly and adjust course in flight are bringing that day to us faster than anybody expected.

The main argument against missile defense has always been ridiculous. It boils down to "we shouldn't try to make it work because it hasn't worked so far."

And yet people who seem seem to be stuck in a time-loop in which it is always 1984 and Reagan is a crackpot for even suggesting such a sci-fantasy.

"Democrats may not be able to win the House, but Republicans could lose it"

John Fund examines the GOP's chances in November.

I'll stand by my view that while the Republicans deserve to lose this fall, they won't. The institutional advantages of incumbency are formidable; to win, the Democrats must, as Charlie Cook has noted, carry some "very expensive suburban districts" and they don't have the money the GOP has; and as Jonathan Last, quoted by Fund, observes: "Democrats have shown time and again that they can blow a lead like nobody's business." Indeed:
Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, told the Washington Post last week that [if Democrats win the House] she planed to launch a series of investigations, starting with the five-year old meetings of the energy task force that was convened by Vice President Dick Cheney...
Is that Ms. Pelosi's idea of a winning agenda? Partisan Republicans should encourage her to elaborate in detail. For while we are a pill-popping Nation, there aren't enough amphetamines in the world to interest the American electorate in the remote and insipid.

The danger for Republicans, if there is one, is not that Democrats may ignite the public's imagination. The danger is that the Republicans may themselves utterly depress their own base. If House Republicans don't stand firm against the Senate's pork-laden version of the supplemental spending bill, they may find come November that, like the president, their conservative constituents are more interested in fishing than governing.

And so the Circus Begins

May 8 (Bloomberg) - Zacarias Moussaoui, who was sentenced to life in prison last week for conspiring in the Sept. 11 attacks, sought permission today to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial in an effort to prove he wasn't part of the plot.

"I now see that it is possible that I can receive a fair trial even with Americans as jurors," Moussaoui said in court papers filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. He said his claim during the trial that he was a member of the plot to crash planes into buildings on Sept. 11 was a "complete fabrication."
"Sentenced to life without parole, never to be heard of again, going out with a whimper, wasting away in the solitude of his Supermax cell, forgotten by the entire world..."


Aren't you glad that we "denied him martyrdom," though? We WON!

All About the Children in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts recently forced the Catholic Church out of the business of placing children in the homes of couples seeking to adopt. Maggie Gallagher writes about the ramifications of gay "marriage," and so-called anti-discrimination laws (which always seem to end up discriminating against someone), in the new issue of the Weekly Standard.

To comply with state law, Catholic Charities of Boston would have to violate church law. Catholic Charities refuses to place children in homes without both a mother and a father. The state demands that they do this, by allowing homosexuals to use their services to adopt children. The state won't allow for a religious exemption to its anti-discrimination statutes, so now Catholic Charities of Boston, one of the oldest and largest providers of adoption services in the Bay State, cannot get licensed to provide adoptions in Massachusetts. Religious liberty suffers. Children suffer. Adult babies, who place their own selfish desires ahead of children in need of normal families, win. Adoption thus becomes about the "rights" of adults to experience parenthood, and not about the needs of children to parents - mother and father.

Gallagher writes:
"a mere two years after the introduction of gay marriage in America, a number of latent concerns about the impact of this innovation on religious freedom ceased to be theoretical. How could Adam and Steve's marriage possibly hurt anyone else? When religious-right leaders prophesy negative consequences from gay marriage, they are often seen as overwrought. The First Amendment, we are told, will protect religious groups from persecution for their views about marriage."
But gay marriage in Massachusetts tells a different story. The introduction of state-endorsed homosexual unions, forced on the commonwealth by four judges, resulted in the curtailment of the religious liberties of Catholics.

What's next?

Will the state compel churches to perform same-sex marriages? Will the state shut down private schools that have codes of conduct offensive to homosexuals? Will one man's freedom of speech become cause for another man's harassment lawsuit?

Perhaps, and the prospect doesn't seem to bother Georgetown Law professor Chai Feldblum:
"Sexual liberty should win in most cases. There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that's the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner."
Don't religious people have dignity worth affirming, or at least tolerating?

Slow suicide of the West continues

I assume that all of us will have shuffled off this mortal coil by the time the light goes out on this Shining City on a hill. We're lucky.

Profit Tax

Arlen Specter wants a tax on "excessive" profits...
A Republican senator says the government should consider a tax on oil companies if they make excessive profits amid rising gasoline prices.
Tax those "extreme, obscene profits" echoes Senator Carl Levin.

Therefore, since asking $3 a gallon and making profits of 10% plus a year is just downright unconscionable, I expect prompt Congressional action to remove taxpayer subsidies and impose windfall profits taxes on Kraft Foods.

With milk going for $3.19 a gallon - even more than gasoline! - and the dairy products in which Kraft Foods traffics generally going for even more, Kraft Foods is making a profit margin of 12.38%. That, by the way, is almost 2 percentage points higher than Exxon-Mobil's "extreme, obscene profits" profit margin.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Economists Claim: Fox News Tilted '00 Election to Bush

They claim they "estimate" that FoxNews gave Bush an additional 10,000 votes in Florida, far exceeding his 530+ victory there.

They do have a point, but what liberal drivel. Their study does not even bother to estimate how many more votes Gore won in Florida - or the rest of the nation - due to the rest of the MSM's favoritism of him.

Yes, Fox News helped Bush garner some votes. (As did the WSJ's editorial page and the minority of local newspapers that were favorable towards Bush.) But certainly the liberal outlets gave Gore a hell of a lot more votes, and yet that doesn't seem worthy of examination.

Because, you know - you can only be partisan from the right. If you seem to be in favor of Gore with your story selection, emphasis, and editorializing, that's not really a partisan media advocating for Gore; that's just common sense.

So the study is really an examination of how Fox News' irrational partisanship trumped the MSM's plain-old horse sense.

Do it yourself dentistry

The face of socialized health care:
"I snapped it out myself," said William Kelly, 43, describing his most recent dental procedure, the autoextraction of one of his upper teeth.

William Kelly, 43, extracted part of his own tooth, leaving a black stump. He plans to pull one more. Now it is a jagged black stump, and the pain gnawing at Mr. Kelly's mouth has transferred itself to a different tooth, mottled and rickety, on the other side of his mouth. "I'm in the middle of pulling that one out, too," he said. . . .

Mr. Kelly's predicament is not just a result of cigarettes and possibly indifferent oral hygiene; he is careful to brush once a day, he said. Instead, it is due in large part to the deficiencies in Britain's state-financed dental service, which, stretched beyond its limit, no longer serves everyone and no longer even pretends to try.

CNN Spins for Zarqawi

I guess there's no thug or tyrant out there that can't expect CNN to cover his back when the going gets tough, eh? CNN, in true form after covering up Saddam's crimes for so many years, once again plays to it's America hating, terrorist sympathizing world audience and actually makes excuses for Zarqawi's inability to handle the automatic weapon, and furthermore, begins making up crap about the "heavy" gun with its "very heavy trigger" to reduce Zarqawi's humiliation.

Zarqawi Makes Fool of Himself for all of World to See

Yep, he got caught unawares and had to ditch his hiding spot, leaving behind a few unedited tapes that could've doubled as a blooper set for some comedy show. Apparently he doesn't understand that a recently used gun tends to be hot.

Fox News Most Trusted News Source in America

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ marches on!

Alas, al-Jazeera, the favorite network of terrorists everywhere, is the most trusted in the lunatic asylum also known as the Islamic world.

CNN is the second most trusted worldwide, thus ensuring that they play to their core audience - anti American, anti Jew, largely ignorant and proud of it.

If instead of being a Congressman and another in a long line of the Kennedy family politicos, Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) were... say, me.

Capitol Police Officer: "Would you blow into this tube, please, sir?"

Me: "Do I have a choice?"

Capitol Police Officer: "Heh. No."

Capitol Police Officer: "Good one, though!"

A Day in the Life of Reuters

Headline at 1:13 p.m. ET:
"Calif. Episcopals could elect gay bishop Saturday"
Headline at 4:23 p.m. ET:
"Gay candidates trail in Episcopal bishop election"
Headline at 6:17 p.m. ET:
"Heterosexual elected Episcopal Bishop of Calif"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dumb polls, dumb results

Stupid questions, asked and answered:
Only 23 percent of the public approve of the way the president is handling gasoline prices, the lowest in AP-Ipsos polling. Those who strongly disapprove outnumber those who strongly approve by an extraordinary 55 percent to 8 percent.
Next week: AP-Ipsos asks whether the public approves of the way the president is handling the earth's gravitational pull.

Friday, May 05, 2006

French May Demand Moussaoi Transfer

... and they will, wink-wink, imprison him for life, just as in America.

Global Warming... on Jupiter

There's climate change on Jupiter. The planet has witnessed wild fluctuations in temperature and the formation of a "Red Spot, Jr." atmospheric storm. When will the Jupiterians learn that driving SUVs, cutting down the red planet's rainforest, and selfishly using toilet paper are destructive to the ecosystem? When? When will they learn?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brightening Picture

According to a new Opinion Dynamics Poll, President Bush's job approval has climbed to 38%, up from 33%. His disapproval is 53%, down from 57%.

36% approve of the performance of Congressional Democrats, while 49% disapprove. That is not too different from the 35% who approve of Congressional Republicans and the 53% who do not.

But most significantly, in the last poll, Democrats led 48%-34% on the generic Congressional ballot question. Today, they lead 41%-38%. In short, a 14 point gap has been cut to 3.

Full Report: Kennedy Shielded From Sobriety Tests By Higher-Ranking Officers, Then Given A Ride Home

Well, well, well, when have you seen this before?

A sentence containing the words Kennedy, drunk, vehicle mishap, and police cover-up is pure gibberish making no earthly sense whatsoever.

He didn't hit the cop cruiser, he narrowly missed it, then smashed into a security barricade.

Sergeants with the Capitol Police prevented the first cops on scene from conducting field sobriety tests and then ordered everyone to leave the scene - preventing them from collecting evidence of intoxication.

Then they gave the smashed statesman a ride home.

Bonus Detail! As he staggered drunkenly out of the wreckage, he told the police he was "late for a vote" in Congress.

The Quote Machine Hits Ohio

John Kerry - the face, and particularly the chin, of American defiance - continues his defense-of-dissent US tour:
Sen. John Kerry plans to speak at Grinnell College at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Kerry said he plans to talk about the war in Iraq and what he calls the attack on dissenters at home.
And he's bringing a whole bunch of powerful new quotes:

"War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'. Say it again!" - Thomas Jefferson

"Steal this book." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Hugs!" - Abraham Lincoln

Even Ellen Goodman - a six-time Kerry voter, which should qualify her for a disability pension - no longer wants the Boston Marrier to report for duty:
All of this leads me to blurt out: "Stop Him Before He Kills (the Democrats' Chances) Again."

Let's Roll


Todd Beamer:

"Let's Roll."


Moussaoui Jury:

"Let's Roll...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Judicial Confirmation Battle Returns

With the New York Times this morning slandering the eminently qualified judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the crime of having worked for an independent counsel whose appointment the paper itself demanded and for - gasp! - the actual White House, the gauntlet has again been thrown down on judges. The Gang of 14 deal last year said that filibusters of judicial nominations would only be permitted in "extraordinary circumstances," otherwise Republican signatories to the deal would break it and vote to end judicial filibustering altogether. It's time for another showdown, and Kavanaugh is probably the showdown case.

In my view, the Gang of 14 deal will hold and Democratic signatories to the deal will agree to vote for cloture and let Kavanaugh get a fair vote on the floor of the Senate. If not... the nuclear option it will be. Ronald Cass offers a very judicious analysis of the matter on Real Clear Politics.

2006 Pennsylvania Senate Race

A new Keystone Poll reports that Senator Rick Santorum has cut the gap bewteen himself and Bob Casey Jr. to the mid-single digits. First, Santorum was behind in the double digits; people had for the most part written him off. Slowly but surely he gained on Casey, and he has managed to outraise Casey in funds by a factor of three. Casey's lead has now been reduced to 47%-41%.

However, it is useful here to pause and consider the position of the Republican Party right now. Our incumbents in Ohio and Rhode Island lead their Democratic challengers by double digits in recent independent polling. While the incumbent Senator, Jim Talent, seems to be trailing his Democratic opponent in Missouri, Talent is a tested candidate, having fought two close statewide races. Missouri is a solidly Republican state at the moment, and I highly doubt Talent will ultimately lose, even if it will be a difficult and hard-fought campaign. Our only two vulnerable incumbents are Rick Santorum and Conrad Burns. At most, our majority will be cut to 53.

All is not lost for the Republican Party. No one can deny that these are difficult times. However, the test of a majority party is how it does in bad times as well as good. The answer to our present problems is not name-calling, nor is it threats to vote for a third party or to stay home on election day.

We are the governing party in the United States, and as such, we must be the responsible party. Leave the name-calling, the threats, the invective to the Democrats, the opposition party.

If we behave responsibly and soberly, if we debate our internal differences with civility, I have little doubt that our status as the majority party is secure for a generation to come.

"Pro-Abortion Vandals Desecrate Princeton Group's Pro-Life Display"

Pro-abortion vandals have destroyed yet another campus pro-life display, this time at an Ivy League university.

The student group Princeton Pro-Life had erected a display featuring 347 flags designed to symbolize the estimated number of students who might have been a part of Princeton’s class of 2010 if abortion had not been legalized. After being up just three days, the display was destroyed and signs bearing sarcastic pro-abortion messages were put up in its place.
Well, not that I really want to defend the willful destruction of a legally-sanctioned display of political speech, but come on: these are Jesus freaks, man!

And they must be silenced. FOR THE SAKE OF TOLERANCE! AND FREEDOM!

Up is down. Black is white.

Sometimes I Weep

When I find out about tragic stories like that of Joseph Clark, unfairly and inhumanely executed by the state, I weep. Which state? The murderous state of Ohio. A red state.

And I think about the horror he must have felt, as he told the bloodthirsty executioners, "It's not working!". It's not working!
COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - A double murderer was put to death in Ohio on Tuesday but not until after one of his veins had collapsed, causing the condemned man to sit up and tell his executioners, "It's not working," officials said.

The Ohio Department of Corrections said Joseph Clark, 57, was pronounced dead at 11:26 a.m. EDT (1426 GMT) following an injection of lethal chemicals at the Southern Ohio Correctional Institution in Lucasville.

Then shortly after the poisons were supposed to have been pumping into his body, she said, he sat up saying, "It's not working. It's not working."
Was it truly not working? Or was this just another example of how the state's moral vein has collapsed?

Perhaps the state's idea of "justice" is just as dry and flavorless as the steak, shrimp, chicken wings, fries and cherry pie that Joseph had to suffer through on the way to his own personal torture chamber.

It doesn't matter why Joseph was executed. As far as he's concerned, his life was "being taken because of drugs. If you live by the sword you die by the sword." It's only slightly ironic that his life was taken by drugs. Only slightly ironic.

And it doesn't matter why he was executed, just know that, like all others before him, he didn't deserve such cruel and unusual punishment.


This post was an advertisement, paid for by Amnesty International.

F for Failure

Failure. It's what's for dinner!

Nice to know I'm not the only one who wasn't watching.

20th Hijacker Gets Life in Prison

A federal jury decided Wednesday al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui deserves life in prison for his role in the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history, on Sept. 11, 2001.

On the seventh day of deliberation, the jury of nine men and three women informed Judge Leonie Brinkema that it had reached a decision. The verdict was announced at 4:30 p.m. EDT.

Moussaoui, a 37-year-old Frenchman of Moroccan descent, is the only person charged in this country in connection with the suicide jetliner hijackings that killed nearly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.

The verdict came after four years of legal maneuvering and a six-week trial that put jurors on an emotional roller coaster.
Well, I hope Moussaoi enjoys the same terrible treatment his comrades in Gitmo have received: find food, treated with gloved hands, given his own Qu'ran and having the way to Mecca pointed out so he can pray, etc. Or maybe he'll end up like Saddam, gaining 20 pounds in US custody while finding the time to eat brownies and write poetry.

This doesn't prove to anyone that we are more civilized or better than they are, it just proves our citizens don't have the stomach to do what is necessary to deal with these scumbags. Their culture only respects strength. This will be used as propaganda to embolden the zealots that we are weak. Moussaoi challenged America to kill him, and the jury blinked.

He claimed that Allah would see to it that his life would be saved. The same man who laughed at those who weeped as they recounted the death of their friends and family on 9/11, who declared his joy when he first heard about it and would see a thousand more 9/11s occur is no less triumphant today:
As he was leaving the courtroom, he flashed the victory sign and said: "America, you lost."
It's good to see that his faith in his murderous, warped creed has been vindicated. He said Allah would protect him. And protect him he did.

In which a feminist learns heresy is not permitted

Caitlin Flanagan confesses her sin against the female fascists in Time:
I am a 44-year-old woman who grew up in Berkeley who has never once voted for a Republican, or crossed a picket line, or failed to send in a small check when the Doctors Without Borders envelope showed up. I believe that we should not have invaded Iraq, that we should have signed the Kyoto treaty, that the Starr Report was, in part, the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy. I believe that poverty is our most pressing issue and that we should be pouring money and energy into its eradication. I believe that allowing migrant women and children to die of thirst in American deserts is a moral transgression that will stain us forever.

But despite all that, there is apparently no room for me in the Democratic Party. In fact, I have spent much of the past week on a forced march to the G.O.P. . . .

Here's why they're after me: I have made a lifestyle choice that they can't stand, and I'm not cowering in the closet because of it. I'm out, and I'm proud. I am a happy member of an exceedingly "traditional" family. I'm in charge of the house and the kids, my husband is in charge of the finances and the car maintenance, and we all go to church every Sunday.
Of course, this also explains why the Republicans are moving left as well. It's the price of becoming a majority party; as they embrace more of the populace, the right wing essence of the party becomes diluted. Conservatives are no longer the only people in the party.

It is something for feminist college girls to ponder, in the unlikely event that they ever bother to question their beliefs: if those who have instilled egalitarian beliefs in young women are so viciously opposed to traditional morality, marriage and children, is adherence to those beliefs more likely or less likely to allow those women to live lives that are compatible with the three?

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Terrorists Are Winning

In Iraq? Maybe.

In Europe? Almost certainly:
"Our tolerant multicultural society is so tolerant and multicultural we'll tolerate your intolerant uniculturalism. Your antipathy to diversity is just another form of diversity for us to celebrate."

"[C]ontemporary multiculturalism absolves one from knowing anything about other cultures as long as one feels warm and fluffy toward them. After all, if it's grossly judgmental to say one culture's better than another, why bother learning about the differences?"

"[R]esurgent Islam-promoted by a malign alliance between Europe and the Saudis-is a much better example of globalization than McDonald's. In Bangladesh and Bosnia, it's put indigenous localized Islams out of business and imposed a one-size-fits-all Wahhab-Mart version cooked up by some guy at head office in Riyadh. One way to reverse its gains would be with a kind of antitrust approach designed to restore all the less threatening mom 'n' pop Islams run out of town by the Saudis' Burqa King version of globalization."

Zarqawi Changing Tactics

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is running out of suicide bombers, so he is realigning his fighting force into a "mini army" organized to fight using traditional guerilla raids.

Give Zarqawi his due - adapting fighting tactics to match the tactical situation is the mark of a good general. On the other hand, our military has trained to fight guerillas for decades.