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Monday, September 11, 2006

Canadians need their head examined

A new poll says that most Canadians blame America for 9/11:
A majority of Canadians believe U.S. foreign policy was one of the root causes that led to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and Quebecers are quicker to criticize the U.S. administration for its international actions than other Canadians, a recent poll suggests.

Those conclusions are found in a newly released poll conducted by L├ęger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies.

The poll suggests that 77 per cent of Quebecers polled primarily blame American foreign policy for the Sept. 11 attacks. The results suggest 57 per cent in Ontario hold a similar view.
And here I thought it was the terrorists that committed the terrorist attack.

According to these Canadians, foreign policy is the terrorists' motivation for coming after us. And who can forget all their preening after 9/11 that they don't "need" to worry about such things because they don't have a foreign policy that would anger anyone? Which makes sense, I suppose, considering how Canada was singled out for a terrorist attack earlier in the year. Apparently the threshold for an "unacceptable" foreign policy is set so low by the terrorists as to be meaningless -- to provide a virtual carte blanche for their attacks -- if even the saintly Canada is a target.

Considering that such complaints stretch as far back as to the Middle Ages, they have a limitless list of grievances to pick and choose from, thereby making the cry of "foreign policy" meaningless and nothing more than a cover to bring in legitimacy from gullible fools like these.

An alternative poll was conducted among Canadians, asking "are you an idiot?" Surprisingly, the two poll results match up almost perfectly. (Some fervently denounced the poll, outraged by the assumption that they were Canadian.)

Of course, this is the same country where one in five Canadians have no problem with pedophilia and the same Canadians who believe the United States government orchestrated 9/11 to invade Iraq, so what can we expect?


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