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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Free speech takes another blow

Helpful corruption:
Federal election regulators refused to ease limits on political advertising Tuesday, blocking an effort to let interest groups run radio and television ads mentioning elected officials within weeks of an election.

The Federal Election Commission voted 3-3 on a proposal that would have allowed such ads as long as they addressed public policy issues and did not promote, support, oppose or attack a sitting member of Congress. . . .

The measure failed with the commission's three Democrats voting against the proposal and the three Republicans backing it.
The "easing" of limits would've allowed issue ads only if they "did not promote, support, oppose or attack a sitting member of Congress." This Incumbent Protection Act kicks in today. Now, if you run an issue ad in the sixty days prior to an election, you must make no mention whatsoever of a member Congress.

Think about it again: it is a crime, punishable under the law, to air an advertisement that criticizes a member of Congress during election season.

This is, of course, the product of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance "reform" law. Tell me again why John McCain should be President?

How wonderful that the same Democrats who pushed McCain-Feingold through will now find themselves on its receiving end. This is the same battering of the First Amendment that most Democrats supported; accordingly, if on the morning of November 8 they awake to find that they've sealed their fate, they'll have nobody but themselves to blame.

(Here is a list, by the way, of the so-called Republicans who joined the Democrats in telling America to shut its mouth.)


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