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Friday, September 22, 2006

Improved ratings, but for the wrong reasons?

Watching the news last night, I must have seen at least three stories telling the viewers that Bush's approval ratings have improved largely because of the drop in gas prices. This is probably true, in part.

So, it can now be revealed. The President gave an interview in the Oval Office last week where he took the reporter to a secret room nestled between his office and his private dining room. In the middle of that room there was a table and a single chair.

"This is the first thing I do every morning, right after I walk Beasly and Barney," he said, as he logged onto the computer. He then entered an internet address, his username, and then his password. Four boxes appeared on the screen, labeled "regular," "mid-grade," "premium," and "diesel." The president then entered three digits into each box. These digits would be the prices the consumers would pay for gas across the country until the next time the president logs on.

There you have it! The people were right on this one! The president does set gas prices. No wonder his approval ratings go down when the prices go up, and improve when the prices go down.


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