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Friday, September 22, 2006


There's no such thing as "assisted" suicide. If someone has to help you, it's called "murder."
We could see this coming. If suicide is the answer to end-of-life suffering, then why not for other problems as well? Depression, for instance. Financial hardship. Homosexuality! Fear of speaking in public. An inability to digest complex carbohydrates.
"We should accept generally the right of a human being to say, 'Right, I would like to end my life', without any pre-condition, as long as this person has capacity of discernment."
Who needs character building experiences? In fact, who needs this mysterious journey of life, anyway? It's a pain in the ass, especially when guys like Keith Olbermann rate air time.

Let's form an assisted suicide company called "Guaranteed Outcomes" that makes the ultimate product: suicide booths! If the Republicans win in November, we could make a killing in the blue states.


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