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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pope is Catholic, media is liberal

Something odd is afoot in America's elite media -- increasingly, journalists are unabashed about admitting their liberal bias. Another example is Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, who talked to radio host Hugh Hewitt yesterday:
Hewitt: What [the Washington Post's Thomas] Edsall admitted, which was so damning, is that the people who drive the news are the reporters, and the reporters are, by 15-25 to 1 leftists.

Alter: OK. All right. Now I'm not sure that ratio is wrong. I mean, I don't think anybody has a good study of it, but--

Hewitt: But it feels right.

Alter: --it's overwhelmingly, the question, though, the threshold question that you have to look at is how much does that affect their coverage? Now I think some. I think liberals who say well, that doesn't affect their coverage at all are wrong. Obviously, people's worldviews will affect their coverage to a certain extent.


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