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Monday, September 11, 2006

"Where were you when... ?"

I wonder if everybody still remembers what they were doing when they found out about the planes hitting the two towers. I can remember some of it, but it's starting to fade. While the rest of the world was in turmoil I was trying to catch up on sleep in class and get at my friend Dave who'd taken up the practice of kicking the back of my chair to keep me awake.

We were waiting for our teacher to arrive for class to begin. Just as the lack of supervision was about to descend the class into an anarchic free for all, another teacher came into our class crying along with my teacher and plopped a TV down onto a desk to show our teacher what was going on. We saw the burning building. I shrugged and went back to absentmindedly drawing on my paper. At that point I figured it was just another accident, and kept an eye on the clock to see how much more time we could waste out of this before class would be over.

Then second plane hit. I didn't think anyone else was in danger, but we got shuffled off just in case, though one of my friends that I was sitting next to was worried since his Dad was working near the twin towers that day. About a hour later in study hall we heard over the PA that the first tower had collapsed.

I remember going home after that confused, and the rest is fuzzy. I remember watching the run up to the invasion of Afghanistan as the country prepared for war. I remember the media's constant chattering about Afghanistan being the "graveyard of empires" and how within fifteen minutes of the invasion the first media outlet had proclaimed the invasion a "quagmire," right as the country fell.

Though some still deny its seriousness, America was awakened that day to a war that it had been engaged in all along but had refused to participate in, until that day when it came to our shores.


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