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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Women never lie

A woman who falsely cried rape against her former husband was facing jail yesterday after being convicted of perverting the course of justice. . . .

Lifting an order preventing her identification, Recorder David Lane, QC, said: "The public has a right to know the identity of a person who makes such allegations and who seeks to use the system of justice for her own, unscrupulous ends...."
Even worse, think about all the billion million non-rapes that already aren't being reported! The frightening thing about Ms. Hendersoon's arrest is that it could have a chilling effect on the probability that women who've had a "near rape experience" will report those fake rapes, near rapes, hypothetical rapes and unicorn rapes to the police.


Anonymous kreaky said...

i see nothing wrong with reporting a "near rape". there can be attempted murder, robbery, etc (i'd actually have to look up the actual statute but, alas, i lack my criminal code). the public deserves to know about the crimes happening in their city or more specifically, their own neighbourhood. and of course, the way the court system is set-up it's likely that someone who is lying will be found out and properly dealt with.

Sat Sep 30, 10:31:00 PM EDT  

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