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Monday, October 02, 2006

Dems overreaching on Foley

Given the proximity of the election, it's not surprising that Democrats have seized onto Foley's repugnant actions in a desperate attempt to shift the focus of the national spotlight off national security and smear the Republican House Leadership for how they handled the situation. Pelosi has had a field day throwing mud at the wall about how Republicans turned a "blind eye" and basically covered up for pedophiles like Foley for political gain. But it's a stretch, at best.

Back in 2005, the House Leadership was alerted that Foley had written some "overly friendly" emails to a page that the page's parents wanted to stop.

These aren't the emails that broke the news; they were much more mild. They're somewhat creepy, inappropriate, and "overly friendly" for a Congressman to be sending to a sixteen year old page. But they're not sexually explicit or illegal, and Foley didn't attempt to set up a meeting.

Now, what action would you take if you found out about these emails? Clearly, this guy is a little too friendly, the kind of guy that might make you uncomfortable, but does that scream "PEDOPHILE!"? Is being "overly friendly" enough to get reported to the police? No crime had been committed. What about the ethics committee? There wasn't an ethics breach.

So, what did they end up doing?
"(T)he Chairman of the House Page Board and the then Clerk of the House confronted Mr. Foley, demanded he cease all contact with the former page as his parents had requested, and believed they had privately resolved the situation as the parents had requested."
In other words, they did just what the parents wanted, and given the non-sexual nature of the emails, it was the appropriate way to handle it.

Then we come to the instant messages that landed Foly in hot water recently. These messages, the House Leadership did not learn about in 2005, but last week, just like everybody else, and had the appropriate reaction.

The situation was handled correctly back in 2005 given what they knew at the time, and it's being handled correctly today.

The story doesn't just end with the Republicans, though. Obviously someone has known about these explicit messages for quite a while and timed their release for maximum political impact -- and of course, that someone would have to be a liberal group. So, who's really looking out for these teenage pages? The House Leadership which called for a criminal investigation from the moment they found out about them or the liberals who kept those messages secret for months until it would benefit them politically?

The St. Petersburg Times even knew about the same emails the Republican leadership knew about back in 2005. They found them so innocuous that they didn't even to bother a story on them. That's rather significant -- if even liberal journalists were looking at these emails and saying, "there's nothing to see here," that tells you a lot.

Foley is a scumbag, but him being a scumbag doesn't have anything to do with other Republicans.


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