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Friday, October 06, 2006

The gay excuse

With McGreevey and Foley falling back on their sexual orientation as a crutch to soften the severity of their incompetence and abuse of power, it's only a matter of time before others follow suit. Gay Americans ought to be more vocal when their counterparts seek to use their sexuality as an excuse to be held to a different standard -- or none at all -- thus painting other gay Americans in a bad light, especially when it's those same people who tell us that their sexuality should have no bearing on how they're judged.

In New Jersey, a completely unqualified man was given a Homeland Security position because the gay governor apparently needed to keep his little Israeli sidepiece close by. Yet, I read positive and even jubilant pieces about him in the gay press. Even if he was legitimately gay, and not using it as a way to dodge responsibility for his corruption in the same way Mark Foley has attempted to use his so-called alcoholism, why would homosexuals defend a sexual deviant and a liar?

What if George Bush were to suddenly come out of the closet and claimed that he made a Horse Show guy the head of FEMA because he found him attractive?

The gay Left should stand up and roast these opportunistic politicians who use their sexuality to dodge scrutiny and give homosexuals a bad name, instead of closing ranks and defending those who hurt us all just because they share the same sexual politics.


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