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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hardcore liberal Obama just another "centrist"

At least, according to the AP, to whom any liberal is just a sensible moderate touting common sense. I mean, how can any thinking person not be liberal?

If he counts, anyone does!
(AP) London, March 2, 1867: Karl Marx, a rising star among centrist economists, announced today the publication of the first volume of his treatise, 'Das Kapital'.
Writes the AP of Obama:
"In recent weeks, his political stock has been rising as a potentially viable centrist candidate for president."
Centrist? Maybe in France.

Let's take a look at his record, or more specifically, the interest groups he toes the line to:
  • Planned Parenthood 100% in 2006.
  • National Right to Life Committee 0% in 2005-2006.
  • Americans for Tax Reform 0% in 2005.
  • NAACP 100% in 2005.
  • American Conservative Union 8 percent in 2005.
  • Illinois Environmental Council 100% in 2003 .
  • Children's Defense Fund [Hillary's old beat] 100% in 2005.
  • National Organization For Women 100% in 2005.
  • NRA, 'F' in 2004.
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform 0% in 2005.
  • 2005 AFL-CIO 92%.
  • Americans for Democratic Action [old-style liberal organization] 100% in 2005.
Yeah, this guy has John McCain written all over him, alright. I'd like to see anyone be able to name at least once -- just once -- that he broke ranks with the party line. What would the AP label a Republican politician with mirror image ratings as this? A "centrist"?

Obama is yet another liberal peddling the same old screed against American society. He just put a smiley face on it.


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