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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Misleading headline of the day

The headline to this story reads "Hasert won't resign over sex scandal."

That is an elegantly written headline. It crams so much salacious, misleading innuendo into a mere six words that they're probably cooking up a Pulitzer Prize category for it even now.

First implication: Hasert was involved in a sex scandal. Anyone who actually reads the story will instantly realize that's not the case, but most people never make it past the headline (including me). So now a lot of people think Hasert's been having some illicit sex on the side.

Second implication: this scandal somehow involves sex. For a media that can so credulously draw such a fine distinction between oral sex (which is apparently not sex) and vaginal sex (which definitely is), they seem interestingly unable to draw a distinction between anal sex with a minor (which is what Rep. Studds (D) did; not sex) and cybersex involving no actual physical contact with a minor (which is what Rep. Foley (R) did; sex).

Third implication: that Hasert is the one expected to resign means that somehow he and other Republicans bear responsibility for it, as if it occured under "their watch." Foley wasn't theirs to "watch." They saw or heard about a few e-mails that seemed peculiar, somebody told Foley to knock it off, and that was as much as it was in their power, or it was their legal or moral or political responsibility, to do.

Clarification: Apparently they changed the headline during the course of the day. What I'm talking about was up there earlier.


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