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Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea goes nuclear

The Clinton-Carter approach bears fruit!

Now that North Korea has nearly achieved its status as a nuclear power, dealing with it will become immeasurably more complex and difficult. Whereas before we had both an advantage in overwhelming power in conventional as well as nuclear forces, now we only command the former, which is canceled out by the latter. They don't have to nuke us to milk their nuclear status for all it's worth. Their ability to project their influence and affect events across the globe has just multiplied a thousandfold. Whereas before we could've simply swatted aside a North Korean attempt to expand their influence, now it's backed by the threat of nuclear arms, much like in the days of the Cold War, leaving us at best with nothing but a stalemate.

And it isn't even necessary for North Korea to personally fire nukes at America for American cities to burn. All they have to do is discretely pawn some of their technology off to al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization. They already sell them conventional weapons. Then New York has the dubious honor of going up in a mushroom cloud as Kim Jong Il laughs securely from afar.

The biggest loser in all of this: Iran.

The curtain has been ripped aside, and all the stress on diplomacy and giving the North Koreans "incentives" to listen to us has been exposed as foolishness. Now, as we near a confrontation with Iran, those same people are calling for all that and more against Iran, yet those same techniques did us no good with North Korea; it's as if we did nothing for ten years. Essentially, we did do nothing for ten years.

As a result, nothing could have solidified the case for war against Iran more than a nuclear North Korea. A rogue regime is going to get nuclear weapons if they want them. If we can't stop them through other means, then the only alternative is to get rid of the regime itself before it acquires nuclear weapons and the immunity it brings.

UPDATE: They might be faking it. Again.


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