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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The final stretch

I voted for Santorum. If he wins in the current environment it'll be an amazing victory. And yet no man deserves to win more than he does in this election season.

The GOP's made a last minute comeback. They went from 17 points down last month to 9 points down two weeks ago to a 4 point deficit a night ago. We're back in it! It's definitely going to be close; neck and neck 'til the finish. It's not going to be a Democratic sweep across the states, a "blue tidal wave" that the pundits have been gleefully predicting for months.

Meanwhile there's accusations of voter fraud flying left and right. I've already heard that voting machines across Pennsylvania are breaking down and there's even been some cases of assault. If it keeps going there's going to be another army of lawyers getting ready to go at it before it's over. The Democrats have been laying the groundwork for a "we won or they stole it" strategy going into the election, so it's only the beginning.

The only question now is who actually gets out and votes. Will the Republican get-out-the-vote-effort be as well oiled a machine as it's been in the past? I certainly hope so. The Republican turnout so far is higher than it was in 2004.

Karl Rove thinks we'll keep both Houses. He's yet to be wrong. I think we may narrowly lose the House, but keep the Senate, enough to prevent Democrats from exercising any effective control. But I don't want to jinx anything.


Anonymous kendy said...

I dare you to look up santorum in the urban dictionary.

By the way I <3 Dan Savage.

Tue Nov 07, 08:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger mAc Chaos said...

Try looking up Armin. I'm famous.

I just looked up Santorum. Great, now I won't be able to update my site anymore since I'll be gouging out my eyes in about ten seconds.

Tue Nov 07, 09:54:00 PM EST  
Blogger mAc Chaos said...

I'm still reeling.

Tue Nov 07, 10:01:00 PM EST  
Blogger The Realist said...

The only reason I know that name is because of the Onion. It's used as slang for 'that gunk' all over the world. I laughed out loud when you said 'I voted for Santorum!'

Wed Nov 08, 06:51:00 AM EST  

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