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Thursday, November 30, 2006

George swims

Anti-flying Green George Monbiot bragged that he hadn't flown in a year, and demanded similar austerity from his fellow environmentalists:
If even the leaders of the green movement are not prepared to live without flying then how can we expect that of other people?
He turned up in Vancouver to promote his new book. I wonder how he got there.


Blogger Citizen Sane said...

He used the Quantum Field, of course.

Fri Dec 01, 04:53:00 AM EST  
Anonymous kendy said...

maybe he meant a year since flying to vancouver?

Fri Dec 01, 10:24:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Nickle said...

It's failry obvious... He used the Instant Transmission

Tue Dec 05, 12:34:00 PM EST  

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