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Monday, November 06, 2006

Good noose from Iraq

Saddam's getting a short rope and a long drop; exactly what he deserves.
Jubilant men and boys poured onto the streets of Shiite communities across southern and central Iraq, despite a curfew imposed to try to prevent violent reactions to the verdict. . . .

A white-haired, gray-robed man in his 50s, who identified himself only as Abbas, walked among them holding up the swaddled bones of his son Hassan. . . .

On Sunday, Abbas had been taking his son's body for burial, but when he saw the demonstration, he stopped his car in the middle of the road. Soon he was jumping up and down among the crowd, holding up Hassan's bones for all to mourn.

"Saddam took my sons from me," Abbas said. He began crying. "What was the crime that my son committed? He was only 4."
Let's note that if the Democrats had their way this monster would have never been brought to justice, and would still be terrorizing the people of Iraq today. They would never have had the opportunity to participate in an electoral democracy or be given the chance to create a new life for themselves, if Howard Dean had his way. In fact, according to some, they were better off then! Try telling that to one of his victims.

It's amazing how quickly liberals, who have long prided themselves on a tradition of humanitarianism and standing up for the defenseless, have sold out on such sentiments in their all consuming pursuit of ravaging President Bush. Such idealism to spread human rights and democracy throughout the globe is apparently now a conservative position, while liberals have adopted a cynically Nixonian "to hell with them" realpolitik stance.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press "reports":
Lost in the drama of Sunday's death sentence was any mention of the failed search for the alleged weapons of mass destruction that [President] Bush said led the United States to invade and occupy Iraq in March 2003.
Lost in the AP story is any mention of John "botched joke" Kerry's suggestion last week that US troops in Iraq are uneducated failures. But of course there's no reason to mention that, since it's irrelevant.


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