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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love John Kerry

He said the other day, if you haven't heard by now, that if you don't study and work hard, you'll never get that cushy office job -- after all, who in their right mind would want to serve their country? -- and get stuck in Iraq. So I guess under the umbrella of idiots who don't know what's good for them by putting themselves into danger we can throw in firefighters and police officers to accompany the military, no?


The gift that keeps on giving.

What's ensued is a pile-on of monstrous proportions as everybody from Republicans to Democrats to Hillary to President Bush have denounced and distanced themselves from the remarks.

Even McCain has been body slamming Kerry over it, and he's not letting go, calling for an apology for his "insensitive and hurtful remarks."

Displaying his legendary political acumen, Kerry decided to take the shovel he'd been tossed and dig deeper by saying that he "apologize[s] to no one". He then turned that into an explanation that what he actually meant to do was insult Bush, and apparently now it's just a "botched joke."

He was for the comment before he was against it!

Howard Dean, an expert on devastating gaffes, dismissed it as a blooper. So I guess we know for sure now it's a wreck.

This is great. A week before the election, when all the non-committed voters begin to actually tune in, Kerry has tossed the Republicans the ultimate bone. I can already see the ads now. I can already hear "Democrats" and "the troops are dumb" playing.

And, really, isn't that what they believe? Liberals are always going on about how there's "class discrimination" involved with the military and how "they have no choice" and how they only serve out of "economic desperation," and what not.

This liberal analysis of the military was formed during the 60s, when it somewhat applied due to the draft, but it's outdated, and only serves to illustrate how out of touch the Democratic leadership and their liberal followers are with the military of today. The military of the draft looks far different than the military of volunteers, with the average military personnel having a better education than his civilian counterpart.

Kerry is representative of the Democrats; he was their Presidential nominee. If he isn't their flagbearer, then nobody is. What he did wrong here was say what he actually believed. Now everyone can see him and his fellow Democrats for the elitists they truly are.

Liberals, meanwhile, have pursued the dual track strategy of simultaneously denying Kerry would ever say anything so heinous -- despite the fact that he's done so his whole career -- and that everything he said was actually true, thereby validating the elitist charge.

Kinda gutsy.

Of course, the idea that it's somehow unheard of for Kerry to malign the troops is what's actually unheard of. He's built his entire career on top of it, from when he first stepped foot back on American soil upon returning from Vietnam, smearing the soldiers he fought alongside so he could launch his anti-war political career.


And it was just last year that he alleged that American soldiers were bursting into the homes of Iraqis at night and "terrorizing women and children." And now we can add this to the long, long list. It's just par for the course. It's who he is. And that's the man who the Democrats selected to represent them. The same Democrats that are running against Republicans now.

As for conservatives, Kerry's done what weeks of GOP campaigning hasn't been able to do: focus conservatives on why this election matters, and why they put aside the same grievances they have today with the GOP to pull the lever for them in 2004.

I don't know how much Karl Rove's been paying him, but whatever it is, it's not enough.


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