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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scarlett Johansson attacks President Bush

Her Cameron Diaz moment:
SCARLETT JOHANSSON has slammed US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH for his staunch conservative views on sex, criticising the Republican for being too unrealistic in his opinions on the topic.
The LOST IN TRANSLATION movie star last month (10OCT06) boasted about being so "socially aware" she gets tested for HIV twice a year.
"Socially aware"? Back in my day they just called that bein' a good-old fashioned whore.

Apparently, Johansson is a feminist. This is pretty much all it takes according to the modern definition:
Johansson says, "We are supposed to be liberated in America but if our President had his way, we wouldn't be educated about sex at all. "Every woman would have six children and we wouldn't be able to have abortions."
Or they could, you know, just not run around having sex all over the place.

Abortions or six children? Isn't there a third option in there, somewhere? Oh well. At least she has that awesome rack.

And check out this stellar piece of reporting:
A staunch Christian, Bush is vehemently anti-abortion and is seeking to have the operation made illegal in all US states.
How did we all miss the Grand Anti-Abortion Executive Order of 2006, which attempted to bypass both the courts and Congress in its blatant abuse of executive power?


Anonymous kendy said...

awsum rahk111

really though, i dont see what hiv testing has to do with attacking Bush. besides, atleast if she does get infected she won't be spreading the disease.


Wed Nov 22, 10:13:00 PM EST  

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