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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We knew it was coming...

They're calling Santorum's race in favor of Casey. Santorum lost.

This wasn't unexpected, but what's a complete shame is the empty suit of a man that's going to be replacing him. How he managed to win over Santorum is what's truly puzzling. He got shredded in every debate, he ran an "invisible man" campaign and practically ran screaming every time the cameras showed up and he had absolutely nothing to offer. Casey tried to sell his pro-life stance as an alternative to Santorum for more conservative voters, even though he's already revealed that, well, he's not actually going to do anything pro-life. Any independent positions he holds are going to get quickly whipped into the party line once he enters Washington. He's practically in favor of amnesty for illegals, and is woefully ignorant of foreign policy and lacking in an approach to Iraq and Iran.

My only guess is that Santorum was so hated for his vigorous defense of Iraq and President Bush, as well as his stance on gay marriage, that it overrode everything else, despite the fact that he's Casey's better in every possible way as a Senator.

What really gets me is that the Republican in Mark Foley's seat -- the gay pedophile that tried to get at male pages -- is looking like he might win, but Santorum lost.

On the note of other races, don't pay attention to any of the exit polls. They're garbage. They were trash in 2004 and they're trash now. The same exit polls that are being used to forecast Democratic sweeps before the voting has even been finished were the same ones that said Kerry would take Pennsylvania by a whopping 20 points. Riiiiight.

In any case, the battle in Pennsylvania may have been lost, but the Republicans can still win the greater war throughout the country. Other Republicans are much better off.


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