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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Barack Obama: Republicans wouldn't vote for him because "of the color of his skin"

He's right.

I'm the complete flip of his politics; he's just another limosine liberal. But the real reason I wouldn't vote for him is because of his skin color.

It's not dark enough.

I just don't trust those high yellows.

If I were to vote for a Negro, I'd want him to be the glossy black of hand-polished ebony. But I suppose I might be able to put up with a single-cream-in-a-large-coffee shade of politician.


Condi Rice - yes

Colin Powell - no

Morgan Freeman - yes

O.J. Simpson - depends whether he was most recently on the cover of Time or Newsweek.

So if you're a so-called "black" man trying to get my endorsement for your presidential aspirations, remember one thing:

You must be at least this black to earn my vote.


Blogger Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) said...

That is one scary picture

Wed Dec 13, 10:19:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Georg M. Kush said...

It's like a heavily crispy Joker from Batman...

Sat Dec 16, 04:14:00 AM EST  
Anonymous dw said...

LOL thanx for a good mourning laugh. I needed it.

I don't for the life of me understandthe politics of bullshit and expedience but this is a joke. That guy will never be elected unless voting fraud becomes an exact science brfore the next primaries and it scears me seeing how stupid socialists pigs and their supporters really are.

Sun Dec 17, 10:24:00 AM EST  

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