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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Democrats to slash missile defense in favor of "faith-based missile defense"

This has long been one of the most bizarre articles of faith among liberals — that a purely defensive system to stop the incineration of entire cities is somehow morally wrong.

Don't buy into the various claims they make about the system "not working" or "being too expensive," or strangest of all, being "destabilizing." We wouldn't want to destabilize that balance in our favor or anything, after all. The claims that space is somehow "off limits" is equally absurd, as if it is somehow special; the fact is that anywhere humans go will carry with it the same power struggles that we have always taken with us everywhere else. We have just as many investments to protect up there as we do down here. As for "can't work," it can, it has, and some of it works even now. As for too expensive — well, how much is Los Angeles worth, anyway? It seems a small price to pay to save it.

Liberals are committed to spending trillions to stave off a farfetched threat of losing ten meters of shoreline, but won't spend a penny to defend America against an increasingly likely attack against the United States.

After all, we can simply use a smile as our nuclear umbrella. This Ahmadinejad — he's a reasonable fellow. He can be negotiated with. Just like Osama bin Laden.


Anonymous dw said...

mAc I hand it to ya. That was one excellent comment and summary to my thinking.

Mon Dec 18, 11:03:00 AM EST  

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