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Monday, January 29, 2007

LAT Contributor: 9/11 no big deal; Americans just overreacting

He really writes that. Here's the actual headline—I'm not making this up, folks.
Was 9/11 really that bad?

The attacks were a horrible act of mass murder, but history says we're overreacting.
And he's the moderate on the left—he believes that we should have gone to war with Japan over Pearl Harbor, though apparently 9/11 didn't rise to that level. A fellow lefty he criticizes makes the case that we should have simply tried containment on the Japanese Empire.

So, there you go. We all overreacted to 9/11. 3000 murders in an hour should have been as rain off a duck's back.


Anonymous dw said...

Yea but yuor forgetting that the CIA was involved in the attack. Shee mAc I'm suprised at you!

Thu Feb 01, 01:28:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The U.S. kills tens of thousands of children a day in africa from exploitative trade policies disabling them from affording life-saving drugs and having an able diet at the same time.... a day.
3000 people die, is their life worth more than that of an african child? or do you support abortion.

Fri Mar 30, 12:19:00 AM EDT  

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