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Monday, April 16, 2007

Atheist charades

You'd think some of those really intelligent, highly educated "rationalists" might have thought twice about how this little attempt to rub the dirt into the face of believers was going to backfire on them:
Your choice on May 3rd: participate in National Prayer Day or actually do some good by donating blood. . . .

It can be annoying, but unlike annoying prayer coming from the "we're more holy than thou" types, it actually makes a difference in someone's life - frequently in several people's lives.
That's great, if not for one inconvenient truth: Religious people also donate twice as much blood and are more likely to "behave in compassionate ways towards strangers," [Syracuse University Professor Arthur] Brooks said.


You see, those who are willing to pray for others are also much more likely to take concrete steps in aiding others. It's not an either / or proposition. Religion: what is it good for?

And why in the name of St. Darwin should an atheist interfere with the course of Natural Selection™ on behalf of a competing gene collection? Aiding the weak and sickly is crime against evolution!


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