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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Global warming is real and melting the glaciers

...on Mars:
Mars is being hit by rapid climate change and it is happening so fast that the red planet could lose its southern ice cap, writes Jonathan Leake.
Who knew the Viking Landers were capable of so much pollution?

I'll tell you who: George W. Bush. You laugh, but when he was an oilman in the Texas deserts in the 1970's, he learned a thing or two about terraforming. After all, his plan always was to become the first President to drill on Mars, and he needs a favorable climate to do so.
Scientists from Nasa say that Mars has warmed by about 0.5C since the 1970s. This is similar to the warming experienced on Earth over approximately the same period.

Since there is no known life on Mars it suggests rapid changes in planetary climates could be natural phenomena.
You don't say! In related news, I am announcing the formation of my new company, RRWR Martian Carbon Offsets Trading, LLC. For the right price, I commit to you that I will never set foot on Mars, thereby guaranteeing you the freedom to release all the carbon you like into the martian atmosphere.

What can I say? I care about Martian polar bears. And you should too.
The mechanism at work on Mars appears, however, to be different from that on Earth. One of the researchers, Lori Fenton, believes variations in radiation and temperature across the surface of the Red Planet are generating strong winds.
Hm... what could cause variations in radiation and temperature across an entire planet?

Could it be... Satan?


Anonymous Gryphon said...

Let me be the first to say, "all those scientists from NASA have been thoroughly discredited." Also, I question the timing.

Mon Apr 30, 12:44:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous kreaky said...

but there's no Satan on Mars!

(or maybe he's trying to populate it before we do?)

Thu May 17, 11:58:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous kreaky said...

i thought i'd actually add something. i think there's a theory out there that says something about the sun and global warming.

i remember learning (very very briefly) about the mini-ice age that happened so long ago in astronomy class. apparently there were fewer sun spots and they attribute that to the lower temperature. so maybe the number of sun spots has been slowly increasing? HM

(p.s. why is everything a dichotomy?)

Fri May 18, 12:02:00 AM EDT  

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