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Friday, April 27, 2007

Playing "gotcha" games with McCain

Several lefty blogs think they've found something scandalous in old footage of John McCain calling for troop withdrawal from Haiti in 1994 and Somalia in 1993.

Yes, that would be quite scandalous, if McCain's position was that the United States should never withdraw any troops anywhere ever.

America does not have equal national interests in every country and every corner of the world. The battlefield was completely different; in Somalia we did not have to quell an insurgency or build up the country. In Iraq setting up a timetable for withdrawal just gives the terrorists a goal to shoot for. Iraq, unlike Somalia or Haiti, is dependent on our presence; after Saddam's removal the entire country collapsed. We can't expect the consequences of abandoning Iraq to be as mild as the relative peace that followed our interventions in Haiti and Somalia.


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