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Monday, April 23, 2007

Simple abortion observations

  1. Partial-birth abortion is a pointless concept. Requiring the fetus to be dead before completely evacuated from the birth canal is absurd. It should be equally as acceptable to simply yank the infant out and club it to death.

  2. There should be no punishment for having a baby at the prom and throwing it out in the trash, flushing it down the toilet, kicking it into the alley, or stabbing it 135 times.

  3. There should absolutely be no fetal homicide legislation. Scott Peterson only killed one person. If your man didn't want you to have a baby and he jumps on your belly so you miscarry the fetus, it's assault—not murder—plain and simple.

  4. Malpractice suits against doctors who cause the death of a fetus should be low-tier payouts, at best. It's not a lost arm, eye, or foot.


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