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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tips for appealing to liberals

OUT: Pride in your country.
IN: Apologizing effusively to the rest of the world for America's very existence.

OUT: Harsh rhetoric directed towards terrorists.
IN: Harsh rhetoric directed towards Joe Lieberman.

OUT: A gruff demeanor that exudes authority.
IN: Silky hair and a winning smile.

OUT: Respect for the military.
IN: Making sure those brainwashed, inbred kill-bots don't turn on the public.

OUT: Soaking ourselves in the blood of our enemies.
IN: Pretty red ribbons.

OUT: Death for Islamic extremists.
IN: Hugs for Islamic extremists.

OUT: Concern for large national threats against our very way of life.
IN: Broadband internet for the poor.

OUT: New weapons for devastating our enemies.
IN: Collages of America's sins.

OUT: Vowing to bring terrorists to justice.
IN: Vowing to bring the Bush Administration to justice.

OUT: Fighting actual problems like Islamic terrorism and nuclear weapons.
IN: Fighting made up problems like global warming or any other threat that can be fought through recycling instead of bullets.

OUT: Testicles.
IN: Rainbows.


Blogger Robocop said...

You are so right about those liberal pansies.

Wed Jul 18, 11:03:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, good thing you are over-generalizing or I would have been worried about "liberals." You see I'm a Democrat and am liberal on certain issues but fairly conservative on others. When it comes to stamping out terrorism and Islamo-facism I believe America and the rest of the world does need to pull together to make sure we hold these terrorists accountable for the many deaths they cause and the destruction and fear they create in societies across the world, as well as the lack of freedom that the people in the middle east face due to their fascist and violent ideals. However, I wouldn't go as far as to say that we are winning the "war on terror" by occupying Iraq, stirring up the hornets nest there and encouraging the two factions of society there to fight a civil war against one another while hundreds of thousands of innocents soldiers and civilians die in the process, all so we can control the oil markets in the region. That I think is ridiculous. It's one thing to want to throw out Saddam and fight terrorism, it's another to completely destroy a nation and make it so Iraqis will have no chance of putting their society back together or have a free democratic nation ever now because of what we've done. That combined with our support for the Israeli murder of innocent Palestinian citizens, as well as the many other atrocities we have carried out over seas throughout both George W's time in office as well as Clinton's makes me think that America does need to apologize to the rest of the world. We have been profiting from war, death and oil overseas at the expense of others for years and now we wonder why we are a major target for these extremist terrorist groups. I don't know who I fear more now, the Bush administration or the radical extremists overseas. Frankly Bush is also a radical extremist in my mind. He certainly doesn't represent conservative or Republican ideals. Any true Republican or Constitutionalist would tell you that Bush, who supports more government involvement in the lives of Americans, less personal freedoms, and more spending and wasting of our tax dollars, is much more of a radical corporate extremist than he is a Republican. I think it's strange to think that for the first time in years the Democrats might have a more conservative approach as to how to heal the ills of our nation by lowering spending on the military, rebuilding our infrastructure, preserving American jobs so we don't lose them to overseas outsourcing, and preserving our educational system so the children of the future can keep America strong. This seems to be the direction we need to take in the near future. The less we mess with countries overseas and concentrate more on fixing the issues here on the home front, the less we will be a target of terrorism and the more time and money we will have to fight Al Qaeda and other extremist groups in a responsible manner. Then again my ideas are pretty centrist so perhaps I don't properly represent the liberals or the conservatives in America. Perhaps you can give me a better perspective of what you consider conservatism to be in our country, because last I checked it wasn't about letting our government run a muck and take our individual freedoms away while wasting money on wars over seas.

Wed Aug 22, 01:11:00 PM EDT  

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