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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bernard Goldberg on media bias

Too many news people, especially the ones at worldwide headquarters in New York, where all the big decisions are made, basically talk to people just like themselves. What the journalist John Podhoretz said about New Yorkers in general is especially true of the New York media elite in particular: they "can easily go through life never meeting anybody who has a thought different than their own."

Far-fetched? Just think back to that famous observation by the New Yorker's otherwise brilliant film critic Pauline Kael, who in 1972 couldn't figure out how Richard Nixon had won the Presidency.

"I can't believe it" she said. "I don't know a single person who voted for him!" Nixon carried forty-nine states to McGovern's one, for God's sake — and she wasn't kidding!

That's one of the biggest problems in big-time journalism: its elites are hopelessly out of touch with everyday Americans. Their friends are liberals, just like they are. They share the same values. Almost all of them think the same way on the big social issues of our time: abortion, gun control, feminism, gay rights, environment, school prayer. After a while they start to believe that all civilized people think the same way they and their friends do. That's why they don't simply disagree with conservatives. They see them as morally deficient.

What reasonable person, they wonder, could possibly be against affirmative action? Maybe some stupid people in the South and Midwest are against it. But what could you expect from them, anyway?

The sophisticated media elites don't categorize their beliefs as liberal but simply the correct way to look at things. They think they're middle of the road — raging moderates — while everyone else (the people who live in the "red states" George W. Bush carried) is on the fringe. It's scary to think that so many people who bring Americans the news can be so delusional.

(Bernard Goldberg, Bias: A CBS Insider Expose How the Media Distort the News [Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2002], 30-31)


Anonymous Niall Mac Dragard said...

Haha, I remember the Pauline Kael quote from Ann Coulter's book Slander

Wed Nov 28, 11:37:00 AM EST  

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