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Sunday, November 25, 2007

DePalma: tragic hero

From the transcript of NPR's review of Redacted:
Another charge is that he's [Redacted's director] anti-American or anti-troops. But it's an act of sympathy to suggest that soldiers on their third tours of duty in a place where they have no knowledge of the culture, where they can't tell who's on their side and who wants to blow them up, stand a good chance of losing both their moral compass and their minds.
Here lies the road to the inversion of morality. As an "act of sympathy" for troops, DePalma is supposedly taking the position that even the worst actors in the world — US troops committing atrocities while on an imperialistic mission — are blameless for such atrocities because of the chaos around them. He's not maligning them &mdash he's trying to help them. Don't you see?

The logic is unassailable:
  1. Bad guys might do good.
  2. Good guys might do bad.
  3. This is hard to figure out.
  4. Let's rape someone!
This fits neatly with the Leftist conception that we are all merely products of society. In America, mindless voters are held under the sway of Rush Limbaugh, fundamentalist Christians, and Karl Rove. In the Middle East, suicide bombers are compelled to kill women and children because of their poverty or their rage at American foreign policy. What's new is the application of this mentality to the military, the traditional home of those baby-killing thugs who got spit on returning home from Vietnam.

Soon we will recognize that everything &mdash everything! &mdash is George W. Bush's fault, and that individual conscience is merely a bourgeoisie construct of kapital.


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