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Monday, November 12, 2007

Science tosses equality out the window

Our rights are predicated on the existence of God. There is no scientific basis for equality of any kind:
Scientists, for instance, have recently identified small changes in DNA that account for the pale skin of Europeans, the tendency of Asians to sweat less and West Africans’ resistance to certain diseases. At the same time, genetic information is slipping out of the laboratory and into everyday life, carrying with it the inescapable message that people of different races have different DNA. . . .

Such developments are providing some of the first tangible benefits of the genetic revolution. Yet some social critics fear they may also be giving long-discredited racial prejudices a new potency. The notion that race is more than skin deep, they fear, could undermine principles of equal treatment and opportunity that have relied on the presumption that we are all fundamentally equal.
Note the usage of the term "presumption." Isn't it funny how liberals, including scientists, are reacting in precisely the same way they imagine those bucktoothed religious hicks would act when the scientific evidence contradicts their religious beliefs? "Stop," they beg, "just stop."

So much for that romantic notion that "many sociologists and anthropologists have argued for decades" about race being "a social invention historically used to justify prejudice and persecution." So much for going where the evidence leads. Liberals are the champions of science until its their ox getting gored.

Equality only exists with God. We are all equal before God, and only God; without God, there is no such thing as equality. There is only the law of the jungle.


Anonymous kendy said...

this is ridiculous.

oh noes my dna is kind of different from your's but y'know... we're both still human.

and my genes are superior to your's because a scientist says so.

i mean, who really cares about all the laws we have to stop prejudice and racism. all that time wasted on trying to level the playing field. can you imagine what else we could have done?

Wed Nov 14, 11:14:00 PM EST  
Blogger Carlos Octavio said...

Kendy, I'm not sure about what you are saying. Are you accepting that genetically we may not all be equals? Are you rejecting it because you don't believe in what scientists are "claiming"? Or are you ignoring the issue all together, because whether we are genetically equal or not is transcended by the fact we are all human beings? I think you are doing the latter, which I agree with.

Thu Nov 15, 10:19:00 PM EST  
Blogger mAc Chaos said...

Without God you have moral relativism, and then you have no ground to call for equality; any viewpoint is just as valid as any other viewpoint.

Sat Nov 17, 12:18:00 AM EST  
Anonymous kendy said...

yes, i'm doing the latter.

(i just have a weird way of writing things)

Sat Nov 17, 10:36:00 PM EST  

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