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Sunday, November 11, 2007

This ad enrages me

This terrible, terrible Ford SUV ad is almost single-handedly responsible for my return. It is so bad that I had to write about it on the spot lest I spontaneously combust in a rage-fueled explosion. And now you have to watch it.

Some questions come to mind:
  • Why is that horribly smug girl so oddly thick?
  • Why is that dad totally cool with dropping his horrible daughter a block off from the theatre?  She's spoiled.  Also, I'm positive she's going to see a "play," not a movie.
  • What city has "a part of town" where "people are riding bikes and driving hybrids and stuff"?
  • Why hasn't a terrorist organization attacked that city yet?
  • Why haven't I attacked that city yet?
  • Why does her dad come off as such a miserable person?  "I don't know what a hybrid-hybrid is."  It's probably a hybrid that manages to get better gas mileage than a Honda Civic from the 1970s.
  • The daughter was saying, "Why didn't you ever talk about that before?"  Wow, come on.  A daughter that wishes her dad was as much an insufferable douche as her friends' dads from "that part of town"?  Too much.  (Don't worry, dear.  He is.)
  • Who is this ad targeting? Assholes who hate people with Priuses but who still kinda want to spend more for a car?  Or assholes that hate the environment but love irony?  I just don't know.  "Never thought I needed to talk about how much I should kill myself."
  • Why can't this go on for five more seconds and end like this video:


Blogger Dave said...

I agree for this reason: The father should have shoulder-checked his hippie daughter into the passenger door on the way to the car, just to assert his authority as Father and Master. Another budding Theater Major... that'll get the economy roaring. Good work, honey!

I think however that the ad was meant to assert that just becuase your car isn't shaped in a trendy way (ahem Prius), announcing to passers-by that "yes this is a Hybrid... my farts smell great and combat global warming", you can still own one if you CHOOSE to. He never talked about it because you should shut the fuck up about what you drive unless it fellates you and runs on the blood of Terro... sorry, "Islamic Fundamentalists". Otherwise, we don't care how smug you are.

Wed Nov 14, 04:54:00 PM EST  

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