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Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Mass deportation"

Isn't it funny how proponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants constantly bring up how impossible it is to "round up every last illegal immigrant" and begin "mass deportations"? It's funny because nobody actually expects that to happen overnight; just because it can't happen at once, doesn't mean it won't happen over time. Eventually, the amount of illegals will decrease as new offenders are stopped at the border and existing ones are deported. Not to mention that many illegal aliens, no longer faced with a hospitable environment, will leave on their own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one thing that I would like proponents of a guest worker program to explain is just how their policy will avoid the failures of the bracero program. We have this strange, glorified memory of the bracero program that suggests that it eliminated illegal immigration during its existence. Yet, if you look at the historical record, illegal immigration continued throughout World War II and the following two decades.

On the surface, this may not make sense. However, remember that illegal immigrants would have no incentive to come if employers refused to hire them. Under the bracero program, employers had to provide Mexican workers with a certain level of pay and support (At the time, most temporary farm workers lived in shelters on farm of their employers. Earlier shelters that employers provided frequently lacked sanitation, ventilation, insulation, or heating. So, a part of the bracero program required farmers to make these dwellings liveable--not necessarily comfortable, but liveable) If farmers refused to meet their obligrations, they could lose access to these legalized workers. So, rather than meeting the requirements, many farmers continued to seek out illegal immigrants.

I am not sure what provisions would find their way into any guest worker program, but there would have to be some level of protection offered to participants. For example, I do not imagine that an employer who kicked his guest workers in the head would be permitted to continue benefiting from the program. There would also likely be taxes and other administrative fees that both the guest workers themselves and employers would prefer to avoid. Consequently, a guest worker program by itself will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. It would most likely reduce the level of illegal immigration but anyone who thinks it will lead to some magical land in which every single person has documentation are stuck in a fantasy.

While a guest worker program of some kind is part of the long-term solution, I am just tired of those who cast it as some kind of magic bullet that by itself will remedy everything. Even if you provided guest worker visas to anyone who showed up and asked for one, the incentive for illegal immigration would still exist.

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