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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Michigan mischief

The Michigan primary is considered a must-win state for Mitt Romney and would be a huge momentum boost to the Huckabee and McCain campaigns. Consequently, the candidates are focusing a heavy amount of time and money on the state. Unfortunately, the Democrats know this as well.
[State Rep. LaMar ] Lemmons told reporters Tuesday that the push for Republican Huckabee was prompted by the dearth of choices on the Democratic side of the Jan. 15 primary ballot. Lemmons said he himself supports Barack Obama, who chose not to run in Michigan. But Lemmons likes his tormenting and wants to turn out Democratic votes for Huckabee because, as he told the Detroit Free Press, “"the Republican establishment supports [Mitt] Romney and McCain.”
This is another testament to the primary voting system, which allows non-Republicans to vote in the Republican primary. After all, shouldn't Protestants have a hand in electing the Pope?


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