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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Only one candidate has legions of supporters willing to get enraged that other people don't understand "THE CONSTITUTION" with the degree of precision afforded to them by the ten hours spent reading various survivalist websites.

I love this. The radio host is so tauntingly calm. And it just sends the caller into an even bigger frenzy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least Paul makes the debates more interesting. I disagree with him on a number of issues but it is nice to see anybody talking about radical cuts in government spending. It may not be a practical solution for each case but at least somebody is throwing the idea out there for people to consider.

The others mention a couple billion they might but here or there or the possibility of limiting future spending increases but generally follow the Bush plan of spend and spend.

It reminds me of a few debates ago (the youtube one) when Romney started whining when someone asked about cutting or eliminating agricultural subsidies.

Oh yeah, that reminds me...the thing that really surprises me about the debates so far is that Giuliani has yet to appear in drag. I think the thing that saddens him the most about consistently finishing 5th or 6th in these primaries is that this means Hillary might beat him to his dream of being the first president to wear a dress at the inaugural ball. :p

Mon Jan 28, 02:01:00 PM EST  

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