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Monday, February 11, 2008

Wishing people dead

So I heard a tragic story about a father and his 15 year old sons killed by a Jihadist landmine in Afghanistan. The tragedy of the story is slightly lessened by the fact that it was the jihadists themselves planting the mine that were killed.

But it made me wonder: why couldn't it have been Bill Maher instead?

On Maher's show Friday, Rush Limbaugh's name came up, and Maher's response was to say, "Why couldn't he have croaked... instead of Heath Ledger?"

What you feel about Rush is irrelevant. What I find hilarious is how those so-called champions of "tolerance" — the people who earn their keep smearing conservatives as hateful, mean-spirited people — actually earn their living wishing death on those who don't agree with them. It's hilarious!

You know, Limbaugh doesn't agree with liberals, so, ha ha, it's a shame he's not dead from an accidental addiction to a painkiller instead of a guy who mixed 8 different serious medications but, you know, bravely played a homosexual in an agenda driven flick.

Maher's thoughtful view of conservatives

Ann Coulter calls Edwards a girl, and liberals go nuts about her "slurs." Bill Maher wishes Rush Limbaugh dies of an overdose, and... ? And... ? ...? ...

This shouldn't come across as a surprise to anyone who has actually come across progressive opinion. Beneath the supposed compassion of liberalism is the undercurrent of fascism: the urge to crush dissent, to stifle all opinions deviating from the politically correct orthodoxy, to smother our freedom in the cradle until all that is left is the freedom to do as they please.

For liberals, who have become fat and lazy from a sympathetic media, and knowing that they cannot compete with conservatives, who have had to run their arguments through the obstacle course of the liberal press — advocating death is a harmless option.

But at least Maher's audience didn't clap like the mindless drones they usually are. So maybe they're not as dumb as I thought. Oh, who am I kidding — of course they are!

And for that — they should die!


Anonymous niall mac dragard said...

Reminds me of the time a particular facebook liberal wished for me to be sent to a prison like what they had prior to the 17th century and to be anally raped.

Tue Feb 12, 04:21:00 PM EST  

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