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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Calling Texas for Hillary

This is where the count is at right now, with 1% of the precincts reporting in:

Hillary won 61-38 among people who decided in the last three days. She won 60% of the Latino vote. Obama won men 52-46, but Hillary won women 53-46, and women turned out ahead of men, 57-43.

I'm going to go out on a limb and declare Texas for Hillary. I HAVE SPOKEN. The counting can stop.

Now we wait and see how hilariously wrong I can be and how many free dinners I owe people.

UPDATE: It's over! Hillary sweeped Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island and only gave up Vermont. Her free fall is over; the wave of Obama's momentum broke on the crags of Hillary's firewall state. Onto Pennsylvania.


The Queen stays

Clinton's friend Terry McAuliffe is claiming Hillary won't quit until the last state and Puerto Rico have voted. That means the Democrats will be tearing each other apart until at least June 7. Awesome.

Why she won't quit:
  1. She won't be able to catch up to Obama in delegates, but neither can he clinch the nomination.  Even Huckabee is staying in, and he mathematically can't win.
  2. Since the factor the delegates play on either side has become a wash, the real fight will move to the battleground of the superdelegates.
  3. Obama, hounded by a Clinton campaign that's finally pulling out all the stops, and the press, who is trying to make up for going easy on him, is getting pounded.  If this continues it will give pause to party officials who won't want to roll the dice with a shaky nominee.
  4. It's too early to quit.  There are many states remaining.
  5. She has money.  Tons of it.
  6. Never underestimate a Clinton.

Super Tuesday II

We don't know yet what the results are going to be, but I think that at the end of the night, they will favor Hillary. If it does, I'm more and more convinced that this will go all the way to the convention.

It looks like Obama will have a clear delegate lead when you consider the pace of the campaign and his momentum, but mathematically, if you look at the potential delegates up for grabs, neither will be able to win enough to clinch the nomination. Hypothetically, there are enough delegates for either of them to become the nominee.

But realistically, because of proportional representation, every race will be one that splits the delegates closely. Even if Obama or Hillary won every remaining state with a comfortable lead, the other would get enough delegates from the contests to deny the opposition the magic number.

So the only way Obama or Hillary could become the nominee before the convention is if the other one drops out. The race will have to go to the convention, and the superdelegates. By then, I assume that Florida will have come into play and into Hillary's column.

Then Hillary will be able to argue that while Obama and her share a similar vote and delegate total, her votes are more representative of the Democrat party, being as they are from California, New York, Florida, and other big Blue states. Obama's strength is that he taps into many Red states, but they can easily be written off as "flyover country" that don't truly represent Democrats.

That would be all the cover the establishment would need to rally behind her, giving her the delegates to put her over the top. She will have managed to do the impossible and claw the Democrat nomination from the voters hands', setting her up for a general election duel with her counterpart John McCain, who managed to scrap his way to the top against unthinkable odds as well.

Or, Obama could deliver her a crushing defeat tonight that we will not have seen the likes of for generations and Hillary will pull out of the election in shameful defeat. Only time will tell.

Media in the tank for Hillary

She put the press in their place: the men's room. It's so vindictive... so... Hillary.

But it's actually more of a comment on the press than Hillary. They are such liberal sheep, so far in the corner for the Democrats, that they'll allow themselves to be humiliated like this. They can't wait for her to get out of the way so they can finally consummate their love affair with Barack Obama, but nothing gets under the skin of a liberal journalist more than the prospect of falling out of favor with a fellow liberal.

Anyone with the slightest amount of self respect would have told her to take a hike and written the most scathing anti-Hillary piece they could think of. Instead, they sit there like scolded children, accepting their rightful punishment, allowing their pictures to be taken while they sit there hammering away on their laptops as waste festers in the nearby toilets.

Imagine if it was a Republican that tried to do this. Can you see them reacting this way if it was President Bush? He can't even look askance at a reporter without the press erupting into jeering laughter at his predicaments. But Hillary commands them to sit in the bathroom as punishment for insufficiently cheering her on, and they fall in line, actually feeling guilty for what they've done.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Michelle Obama calls out Hillary

Michelle Obama went to a rally and said, "Don't go into corporate America." She wants people to get out of the "money making" business and into the "people helping" business, as if people in corporate jobs are just dollar hunting schemers.

She singled out some positions to avoid: positions in "corporate law," and "hedge fund management." It sounds like another typical attack on business, but do we know anybody famous that went into corporate law, or hedge funds? Hillary and Chelsea Clinton!

Michelle Obama isn't just attacking businesses, she basically called Hillary a bad mother, saying, "Look, you raised your daughter to be a hedge fund manager," instead of doing something traditionally feminine. But isn't that ironic? A feminist raking a woman over the coals for not being loyal to traditional gender roles!

All of these years, feminists have been pounding women, trying to convince them that they shouldn't be nurses, that they shouldn't be teachers. They shouldn't be mothers or social workers. They should not be doing traditional female nurturing things. They should not be the helpers Michelle Obama is now urging them to be.

After all, women were supposed to go out into the corporate world. They were supposed to climb the corporate ladder, and blast through the "glass ceiling." They were supposed to put away their gardening tools and pots and pans and become lawyers and businessmen. So which is it?

So, by her own liberal logic, Michelle Obama isn't for women; she's for the subjugation of women! She wants women in the home; she wants them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

The first black President and co-President are being ripped by a black woman; a feminist is hitting Hillary for not raising Chelsea to conform to a traditional woman's roles; the invincible campaign is crashing on the rocks of an upstart insurgent. Up is down! Black is white. Nothing makes sense anymore...

Grim milestone reached in Iraq: media interest in surge success falls to dangerously unstable levels

So, the Democrats fail miserably to make the right call on the surge, and nobody cares. Does anybody think that the same would have been true for John McCain if the surge had failed as spectacularly as it succeeded?

Foreign aid cut: women and minorities hardest hit

It seems that food shipments to some of the poorest countries in Africa will be cut, due to soaring food costs.

But who are the culprits? Now, as a clueless bumpkin in "flyover country," my knowledge of economics is meager indeed, but isn't it true that when demand increases, prices will increase? Perhaps the price of corn would not be skyrocketing if not for the demands to hoard fields of it to produce ethanol, thus cutting into the amount available for food.

Who is pushing for ethanol? Why, environmentalists, of course, who don't care that their precious hybrid fuels and cars are starving poor people in Africa.