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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Foreign aid cut: women and minorities hardest hit

It seems that food shipments to some of the poorest countries in Africa will be cut, due to soaring food costs.

But who are the culprits? Now, as a clueless bumpkin in "flyover country," my knowledge of economics is meager indeed, but isn't it true that when demand increases, prices will increase? Perhaps the price of corn would not be skyrocketing if not for the demands to hoard fields of it to produce ethanol, thus cutting into the amount available for food.

Who is pushing for ethanol? Why, environmentalists, of course, who don't care that their precious hybrid fuels and cars are starving poor people in Africa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its a shame that poor starving people are gonna be shafted because some "progressive" douchebags need to feel good about themselves.

Sun Mar 02, 02:25:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you have to factor in the lobbies for mid-western farmers too who fall on the ground and cry whenever anyone talks about cutting their subsidies. Then again, maybe the big ol' mean government is forcing these poor little corn farmers to take all that money for ethanol. Then if you talk about cutting farm subsidies, then the old canards about middle-America hating liberals emerge from the woodwork to join fallacious comparisons to United States dependence on foreign oil.

As long as Iowa remains the first stop in presidential campaigns, this will never change. Even candidates who might otherwise speak out against farm subsides and ethanol feel obliged to discover compassion for the small family farmer who has long since left the premises (McCain has done so on occasion but he suddenly changed his mind this year...it could not possibly be connected to the election because politicians never change their views for political gain...never!) I mean, just look at that wanker Mitt Romney in one of the debates before Iowa. The very idea that we might allow the market to determine the prices of agricultural products seemed like it was going to strike him dead on stage. The fact that we are paying price supports that rise even higher than market prices never seems to sink in with these worthless fools.

If Bush actually vetoes the upcoming farm bill, I will credit him for that. However, he had no qualms about signing the earlier Republican farm bill from 2002. For that, he will receive no praise from me ever.

Admittedly, the current incarnation of the bill is even worse but both have had and will have the impact of killing people in the developing world. Some will point out that Europe gives even higher subsidies to its farmers but that is not a really good defense.

"Dur! Europe's policies cause 2 million people to starve each year while we compassionately starve only 500,000. Dur!"

If I were emperor of Earth for a day, I would declare farm subsidies (including ethanol) as crimes against humanity. Just imagine the fun I would have rounding up all those European legislators along with all the murderous Dementedcrats and Retardlicans and launching them into the Sun :D

So, I agree with your attack on environmental support for ethanol but I have plenty of ire to go around on this issue. Just about everyone in Washington needs to be kicked in the head a few times. :D

Sun Mar 02, 09:05:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Niall Mac Dragard said...

When you use ethanol, you can starve millions around the world and feel good about it.

Thu Mar 13, 05:25:00 PM EDT  

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