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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Media in the tank for Hillary

She put the press in their place: the men's room. It's so vindictive... so... Hillary.

But it's actually more of a comment on the press than Hillary. They are such liberal sheep, so far in the corner for the Democrats, that they'll allow themselves to be humiliated like this. They can't wait for her to get out of the way so they can finally consummate their love affair with Barack Obama, but nothing gets under the skin of a liberal journalist more than the prospect of falling out of favor with a fellow liberal.

Anyone with the slightest amount of self respect would have told her to take a hike and written the most scathing anti-Hillary piece they could think of. Instead, they sit there like scolded children, accepting their rightful punishment, allowing their pictures to be taken while they sit there hammering away on their laptops as waste festers in the nearby toilets.

Imagine if it was a Republican that tried to do this. Can you see them reacting this way if it was President Bush? He can't even look askance at a reporter without the press erupting into jeering laughter at his predicaments. But Hillary commands them to sit in the bathroom as punishment for insufficiently cheering her on, and they fall in line, actually feeling guilty for what they've done.


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