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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Michelle Obama calls out Hillary

Michelle Obama went to a rally and said, "Don't go into corporate America." She wants people to get out of the "money making" business and into the "people helping" business, as if people in corporate jobs are just dollar hunting schemers.

She singled out some positions to avoid: positions in "corporate law," and "hedge fund management." It sounds like another typical attack on business, but do we know anybody famous that went into corporate law, or hedge funds? Hillary and Chelsea Clinton!

Michelle Obama isn't just attacking businesses, she basically called Hillary a bad mother, saying, "Look, you raised your daughter to be a hedge fund manager," instead of doing something traditionally feminine. But isn't that ironic? A feminist raking a woman over the coals for not being loyal to traditional gender roles!

All of these years, feminists have been pounding women, trying to convince them that they shouldn't be nurses, that they shouldn't be teachers. They shouldn't be mothers or social workers. They should not be doing traditional female nurturing things. They should not be the helpers Michelle Obama is now urging them to be.

After all, women were supposed to go out into the corporate world. They were supposed to climb the corporate ladder, and blast through the "glass ceiling." They were supposed to put away their gardening tools and pots and pans and become lawyers and businessmen. So which is it?

So, by her own liberal logic, Michelle Obama isn't for women; she's for the subjugation of women! She wants women in the home; she wants them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

The first black President and co-President are being ripped by a black woman; a feminist is hitting Hillary for not raising Chelsea to conform to a traditional woman's roles; the invincible campaign is crashing on the rocks of an upstart insurgent. Up is down! Black is white. Nothing makes sense anymore...


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