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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Queen stays

Clinton's friend Terry McAuliffe is claiming Hillary won't quit until the last state and Puerto Rico have voted. That means the Democrats will be tearing each other apart until at least June 7. Awesome.

Why she won't quit:
  1. She won't be able to catch up to Obama in delegates, but neither can he clinch the nomination.  Even Huckabee is staying in, and he mathematically can't win.
  2. Since the factor the delegates play on either side has become a wash, the real fight will move to the battleground of the superdelegates.
  3. Obama, hounded by a Clinton campaign that's finally pulling out all the stops, and the press, who is trying to make up for going easy on him, is getting pounded.  If this continues it will give pause to party officials who won't want to roll the dice with a shaky nominee.
  4. It's too early to quit.  There are many states remaining.
  5. She has money.  Tons of it.
  6. Never underestimate a Clinton.


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