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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Artiste defends the indefensible

It looks like the case on that wonderful girl's art isn't closed after all. The "work" she did over a mound of dead children is an issue again.

Yale said it was a hoax. But as a university seeking to preserve its reputation they have an incentive to, shall we say, be reticent with the truth. After all, if some corporation had been caught in a scandal, would we simply take them at their word that nothing is wrong, and say "that's that"?

The student who "artificially inseminated" (what?) herself sticks by the story. All she concedes is that there's no way of knowing how many babies she killed, only that she impregnated herself incessantly over a nine month period and took abortive drugs at the end of each cycle. She even saved physical evidence and video taped herself.

How artistic.


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